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by admin on April 1, 2018

In the recent past I had a great case study for those looking to build themselves up from a very low point.

I had tremendous debt and very little money starting out with magick back in 2015.

Magick basically saved me from a really horrible situation, and my life has never been the same.

If you fast forward time to today, everything is different.

I have money saved up, my work isn’t super hard, and my life is generally pretty nice.

Life is just completely different than it was just a year ago.

Now I have three businesses instead of the two that I had in early 2014. When I ask for money (from spirits) it tends to come as client work from at least one of those businesses.

The spirits greatly enjoy this because they have maximum flexibility when I do rituals.

I have thousands of potential clients they can nudge in my direction. Their job is made 100 times easier because of this, which is why money magick isn’t a problem at all for me – the money just flows through a channel I have open.

I do a ritual and I get a result.

So how you do it if you needed something like a new job that would turn into a career?

If I desired a new job that I could turn into a career, these are the spirits I would work with.

Lucifuge – Attract the perfect job / career

Orobas – Attract the perfect job promotion

Gaap – Attract the perfect job / promotion

Marchosias – Attract the best way to make money; this can be like a side gig or something else random you haven’t thought of. Sometimes it’s just random money from something you already do – you won’t really expect where it comes from, but it will be super obvious when you discover it.

If I was in a tight spot, I would concentrate on each of these – one per month – until a positive result pops up.

Please keep in mind that you have to set your intention very clearly and firmly when you work with these spirits.

It might be fine to start out a tiny bit lower on the pay for some jobs. Asking for a promotion is pretty simple from these spirits, so that isn’t much of a problem (to others asking for a promotion might be a problem, but not for us).

Here is an example of the type of request to make for a job:

That you are well respected and very highly / positively regarded.

You are seen as invaluable where you work.

It has plenty of potential for promotions.

It fits within your range of acceptable pay.

Once you have the job, you might want to use one of the other spirits (or the same spirit) to get yourself a promotion.

Seriously, these are some powerful spirits, and if I had a job that I wanted to grow within, I’d just use some of the spirits listed above since they’re the best demons for getting jobs and promotions.

If you want to crank up your general prosperity or money attraction, I would use…

Orobas – to attract a small windfall

Lucifuge – to attract a small / medium

Bune – to attract a moderate amount of money (he will guide you on this)

Pick the one that most catches your eye, then narrow down to the one that feels the best. These 3 will likely just nudge you with the best one that most fits your situation.

You would then work with that spirit until you got results.

I can technically live off of windfalls if I didn’t have my businesses – that is how reliable my money magick is.

Some can’t even dream of having money come in that regularly without having a job, let alone a few business. But I can literally and sincerely say that I have pulled in over $40k in windfalls over the past 2  years, and I still have some of the money left over from that (financial wisdom ritual are wise to help budget yourself).

If I had to put them in order of my own preference, this is my list:

For jobs / promotions:

Gaap => Orobas => Forcalor

For money windfalls:

Bune => Orobas => Forcalor

Why do I choose Forcalor (Lucifuge) as the last demon for both categories?

He is very powerful and incredibly fast when it comes to getting jobs – namely careers – when you or a love one needs a life change asap.

Gaap is a bit odd, and some of you might be compelled to use him for windfalls if that appeals to you, but he has a very curious hidden side that some of you might discover on your own (very curious spirit).

Orobas is more of a mysterious money maker because he’s not mentioned related to money, but I have used him to get money related things in the past and he can work very fast.

Bune is an obvious abundance attractor, but he is a little more selective than Orobas, but less selective than Lucifuge.

They’re all good at their respective money creating talents, but you will figure out which most resonates with you and your situation.


Let the demons help you make more money:

Need more specific financial help?

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