How Energy Cycles Affect Our Money & Magick…

by admin on February 16, 2018

This is a strange topic because some people don’t believe in luck.

But what if I told you that luck is merely a function of certain energy cycles that fluctuate in and out?

Most of you would believe me, I’m guessing.

This is something I have tested and observed closely over the past year, in myself and others, and it appears to be a very measurable thing, IF you know what to look for.

I recently got a few occurrences of luck with my money.

I had what looked like a huge glitch in my credit card paying it off.

Right after that, just recently, I got another little bit of money luck which helped me pay off my hosting for the year (I only wanted to pay for 3 months, but the invoice said I had paid for the year randomly).

Before this I have used money rituals to get me $5 – 55k in windfalls.

The rituals didn’t strike immediate gold, but I realized they followed a certain timeline that I could follow on the calendar – very simple stuff.

You need VERY strong intuition to do this and/or just great clairaudience to hear the spirits better, but this is what I came up with for myself:

Low energy cycle:

Dec 15 2017 – Jan 13 2018

Bloom energy cycle:

Jan 14 – Feb 17 2018

Transition cycle:

Feb 18 – March 31 2018

(I have included a pic describing these energy cycles)

I have shifted out my upcoming transition cycle with a luck ritual which makes it into a Bloom cycle.

That technically shouldn’t be possible, but I have figured out how to flip the energy of the cycle so that the crappy energy doesn’t affect me.

What does this mean for our money and magick?

It’s pretty simple, really.

If you do a money ritual or do any significant projects during a low energy cycle, it is not likely to work out the way you want. Things are likely to fail and it will likely feel very bad.

Transition cycles give you hope, but they won’t yield full results.

The bloom cycle is where everything is at. This is where good luck flows and success happens.

You might have a lot of work done in a transition cycle, but things don’t really blossom until a bloom cycle.

It’s just how the energy cycles work (these are planetary cycles I’m simplifying – it’s up to you to look up your own charts).

What if your own money magick doesn’t quite work out?

It’s most likely to do with a transition or low energy cycle holding you back.

Even the best projects fall apart during a low energy cycle and you KNOW it feels like bad luck.

How do you get out of low / transition cycles?

Each represents a lesson and you must learn that lesson before moving on.

If you react to it angrily or negatively without the lesson, a similar lesson will come in the future during another low / transition cycle.

Don’t learn your lesson, you keep repeating the same cycles.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I’ve literally done windfall rituals that didn’t work out until months later. Then I realized that I shifted from a transition cycle to a bloom, and everything came together, almost randomly and without reason.

It wasn’t without reason. It all made sense in hindsight.

Does your life feel a little weird or off right now?

Maybe I can help…

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