Heightening focus and determination to get what we desire through the djinn…

by admin on November 17, 2018

The dangers of lasting and living in this world without motivation can be relentlessly endless.

If you continue with a false attitude and mindset of being defenseless, and allow others to take control of your life…

Things might not work out long term, and you have no one but yourself to blame for your inadequacies –

Because that’s just how life goes when you don’t concentrate and take control of the necessary details as you power on along – then hone your focus to bring yourself closer to your goals.

The djinn are very good at bringing our focus and control to that higher level, and nothing can really prevent us from reaching and achieving all we have ever desired…

As long as we have the guide us to where we need to be –

Mahid – Causes us to understand where we need to go in life, then expand our life focus and mental control so that we are far less distracted and honed in on what mattered in our lives in general.

Once we finally comprehend what our lives are about…

Few other things can confuse us, and that is not a small thing –

That can be and understand where we need to go in the most reasonable amount of time.

Something about this experience allows us to feel into the future…then gain almost full and complete understanding of where we need to go in general…

If anything, we shouldn’t be worried or even concerned that our present circumstances are so out of place and – just almost distorted –

Because when you are confused, the world feels too odd and funny to comprehend.

And we just need to figure things out..kind of through the spirits, and one last djinn can help –

Sahiz – Removes misunderstanding from our lives such that we are push forward onto our true life paths, then guided to actualize and realize our full potential through a much more focused and ambitious life in general.

Everything about this experience points to radical change and triumph…

As long as we embrace success and personal understanding – and just leave the negative stuff behind –

Nothing can prevent us from reaching our goals and bringing ourselves to the next level.

Too often we might find ourselves in a position where life and misunderstanding have to meet together…

And that cannot continue into the future – because that creates and magnifies all problems –

Though we can shift and bend our realities through consistent focus and effort…

Then suddenly everything  becomes better, and nothing is ever positively the same –

…because we have wisely asked the djinn and other spirits to guide everything into place.


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