Handling difficult transition and challenges through magick…

by admin on September 10, 2018

We need help and it’s just tough and tiring to do all of this ourselves.

Very little that happens might be under our control, but that just might be an illusion and we need to snap out of that very obvious and apparent lie going forward…

The world is very odd and nothing about these battles and trials has to affect us so much – and that’s a problem that so many errors are coming up and we somehow aren’t able to handle it all –

It just doesn’t make sense and the world and your life doesn’t have to be do dark and messed up, even if there is some very horrendous and nasty challenges attempting to derail things for you…

That’s not how any of this is supposed to be, and that can seriously be a problem when you realize –

That none of this was really supposed to be or feel that bad – and it all has to change with a few carefully chosen spirits who can guide our emotions and life in general to a much happier place…

Yezelel (fallen angel) – Causes you to feel and experience very chaotic and disastrous situations in a very calm and emotionally controlled way that you can eventually see and act to resolve everything thoroughly and completely.

Even with the mere and simple ability to feel your way into a very nasty and severely troublesome situations where there might be too many people involved, and almost no one has any answers – and a solution doesn’t even feel like a reasonable thing to ask for…

The spirits can guide you to a definite and incredibly reasonable response to life’s crazy periods and just downright cataclysm – though hopefully that shouldn’t be a thing you directly experience.

Nothing about this life has to be so difficult that you cannot easily feel or find your way through, and that can be some serious crap when everything doesn’t feel like it’s coming together well.

We have to focus our energy and intentions on making everything right, and that happens with the worst of whatever that can happen actually sort of arriving into our lives – which is not a good thing, but we have to make the best of everything that has and could happen.

Our last spirit can guide you into preventing, dealing with, and dissolving the negative emotions from very heavily negative situations that test you to your core and cause you to lose your head and your mind –

But with his aid, that simply won’t happen…

Balder (Norse god) – Enables you to be emotional strong and controlled during the worst life situations possible, and develops your understanding of how everything comes together in a very peaceful, understanding and calmly deliberate way such that the world and your life feel like they are finally back in harmony – then brings you to understand how to prevent similar catastrophes in the future.

Life can be incredibly confusing and falsely unpredictable at times, and we just need to see that it isn’t nearly as bad as it once seemed and felt – and we just need a small bit of spirit guidance to bring everything together…

This experience and life situation doesn’t have to be so bad, and even Balder can help you manage multiple life situations very easily and without much confusion –

And that’s pretty much the power of these spirits, and when worked with together life can get a whole lot easier and better to manage over time…

But we can’t sit back and let them do the work for us, because that’s both disrespectful to our own lives which need to be actively worked on directly – and just not how anything really works in general –

We have to seriously expand our efforts to cover the most crucial items and things out there, and it’s not going to be a small thing later when everything just miraculously comes together and you’re technically not sure how that problem long ago made everything appear so crappy and bad…

That’s just life at it’s lower moments though, and we have to rebuild ourselves to figure out how everything can be a lot better again – this time with the spirits by our sides guiding us to avoid the seriously horrendous disasters that can swallow our lives whole.


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