Guiding your life into higher purpose and personal happiness through the demons…

by admin on November 5, 2018

Nothing about the human experience has to be so rough and volatile –

As we march through the demented and fragile parts of life, we might encounter a scary moment or two – and that just pushes us to become the best people we can possibly be and live our lives to fulfill.

We are not trying to necessarily outdo others, because we know that if we compare, very few things in life will make sense – a lot of other things just won’t completely work right in the end…

So we just need to buckle down and understand why our lives and passions are not out of reach – but that we just need to keep marching forward, without a lot of messy consequences decaying our experience along the way –

A few demons can help here – and they can guide us in ways that others might not easily or obviously understand…

Vual – Causes us to understand our life purpose as it relates to career and making a long term income, then guides those around us who have been blocking us or harming us out of our lives completely.

These are not uncertain times, but they can be made confusing by the fact that our lives and comprehension for how life and reality meet up –

Just goes to shit sometimes, with a lot of hope and demand on the spot…

And not a lot of fate and free will meeting up –

Because it could not have mattered long ago that we were awake and aware that the world and our understanding was constantly changing.

But what if we just pushed a little harder to become the best of ourselves over time…

Which is one our next demon can guide us towards, and feeling the best of yourself come out over time may not feel or be like what you imagined –

Caim – Removes any negative or hindering ideas that you might not be good enough, then builds up your personal understanding so that you can become the best version of your self starting immediately – then fully understand what happiness and long term success mean to you so that you have very deep life purpose and peace.

When these smaller pieces come together to form the larger picture, it becomes something that we likely do not expect –

Because we cannot often envision what it means to become the best of ourselves, even on a moment to moment, and daily or even weekly time period – because that feels to stretched out and weird to us…

But we can understand what it means to be healthy and good in our own personal lives, and as long as you can apply that idea to your entire life, and ensure that the bad stuff stays away through proper planning and actions –

Then you can also understand how life and regret grow on us, and that is not a good moment when you realize that you did all the smaller things…

Kind of not correctly, but that was in the past, and you can’t change that – really.

Even if you did nothing wrong in the past, but you also didn’t do any of the correct and right moves…

You might need to self adjust and just fix that early on – or at least when you realize it might need to be corrected, because if that stays a problem long enough –

Nothing will feel right, and everything else will become weirdly awkward, and we just need to allow the spirits to guide us to a better and higher place in order to feel better about our lives in general…

Because that’s just how life is, and how we all need to grow ourselves long term over time.


Embrace higher freedom using the demons:

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