Exploring the dark aspect of the angels has always been fun for me…

by admin on February 12, 2018

The experiences with the angels and their hidden powers has been quite obscure at times, but it has proved to be very enlightening and exciting.

Not to mention that so many angels can be used for baneful purposes now.

I personally enjoy the dark aspect of the hidden angel powers, I that’s what I’ll be using for my curse work if I’m using angels. AoW is a fine book, and it has its strong points.

So I did something crazy when Angels of Wrath came out…

As many of you likely know, I experiment with magick a lot and sometimes my “experiments” get a little crazy at times.

I knew AoW has a lot of potential, but to really know what it can do I did something odd.

To really test it out I undertook a small experiment to see how it would be aimed at an occultist: me.

I asked one a friend within my sparse group of occult friends, who happens to be very good at curse work, if she would fire 3 – 5 rituals at me to see which, if any, would land.

I would only sword banish daily, and if I detected any further attack, redo MPR, then possibly use Hayiel to deflect.

To make the experiment balanced, I just had her use all the confusion and emotion rituals on me.

Since this happened during the low energy cycle it couldn’t hurt too much more than what I was already experiencing lol It’s also a given that I know how to balance myself out from potential attack.

Now, this all might sound masochistic, but it turned out well, so no harm done.

In the beginning it freaked me out a bit because I know my friend is sometimes hired for her curse work. So she knows wtf she’s doing.

I asked Vine if this was fine to do, and he was all for it. Anything that offers any level of risk for a strong personal lesson later in, he supports lol So this fits within the pain/reward paradigm that he embraces.

After roughly the 30th day of her attacks I can say now that only a tiny portion of it landed. Very minimal was felt.

I will find out later which rituals which used against me and in what order.

On day 7 I felt emotionally shitty. Could have been the low energy. Or it might have been her, because the mood was hard to shake. MPR later in the day cleared my head. Still felt a bit weak. Then I remembered I didn’t SB for the day. Thereafter I felt better.

On day 11 I felt very confused and emotionally odd. Didn’t last very long as I did MPR right after this and the felt the mental fog lift.

Day 17 and onward I felt hints of something trying to take effect. Like the little spark of something nasty trying to start up. I used MPR and Hayiel to completely deflect whatever was coming. Like an odd presence leaving me, everything felt fine thereafter.

Day 25th, I felt emotionally confused about my magickal path. The day felt like shit, but I was quickly able to recollect myself within a few hours. Simple sword banish and MPR helped out.

I have a feeling my friend amped up the AoW curses with something else, because I’ve had my enemies throw shit at me before and nothing actually landed. This time I felt something trying to launch for each day that I felt odd. As soon as I awoke for those days, something didn’t feel right.

Maybe my enemies should hire my friend for cursing (lol – scary thought), because some of her stuff did partially land, at least initially. And I know my enemy’s curses are either deflected, muted or reversed, because that is what I often do when I feel the hint of them coming on.

They have never landed BUT my friend’s curses here did partially land, and that’s saying something.

This is not to say that anyone who picks up AoW has the ability to do what she did to me.

It requires power, skill and concentration to properly launch a successful curse (not to mention the emotional alchemy needed). An occultist will be able to cancel/ mute it, but AoW is obviously built to be aimed at muggles that cross us.

To get proper statistically significant results you would obviously need a larger test sample, varied skilled practitioners, and a variety of protection methods to test out.

Seriously skilled practitioners who actively want to harm you are a rarity unless you act foolishly and mess with the wrong people. Even then, you can still likely deflect an attack using most forms of protection that we have available, as I have done here.

I never act on theory alone, and I’ve been the guinea pig for my crazy experiments far more times than I can count now, but I think this was a nice little case study that shows, if anything, that the only people who have anything to worry about are our enemies 😉


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