Experiencing drastic life change through saturn and leviathan…

by admin on March 15, 2019

The world and our lives can flip and shatter at any moment –

But it does not condemn our mental and emotional lives on the spot as long as we do not have a very oddly courageous…

…and that distracting stuff needs to end immediately as we push as hard as we can into the next and higher other dimensions to reach our highest and most drastically better – though satisfactory and insanely better, good –

Because it matters that our lives and the worlds around us become united, and a few very intensely powerful Greek spirits can help us here…

Saturn (planetary spirit) – Causes us to experience a massive series of life turning and changing events such that we never life in idleness and stagnation ever again, then shifts us completely for the better so that our personal lives, careers and overall lives as a whole are made entirely better.

Leviathan (Greek spirit) – Enables us to think very deeply and accurately about our life purpose and what allows us to become the best of ourselves, then guides us through a very deeply intense period of change and personal growth to the point that you are brought to a renewed conclusion about who you truly are and understand where you are going with your life.

Nothing about this is going to be soft or docile –

…because those are technically the wrong words to describe a mid life crisis – and nope…

Very few things about this experience will be very cold and frustrating, because it simply does not need to be anything like that.

Our worlds don’t have to fully – nor technically split apart, and that will all just have to coincide in a very craftily…

Though not even inaccurate, way – because the lies of the past are getting healed up, and nothing else has to be anything different or caring whatsoever.

The fact that remains now is just our coherent understanding of law, order and meager justice as it relates to hell now completely existing –

And the very accurate truth that we aren’t anything close to going to a place like that…

With all of our thoughts and actions now getting tallied and measured up –

Leviathan and saturn can definitely, and surely help us along the way to becoming that much better…day by day.


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