Eradicating debt with magick…

by admin on May 27, 2018

Having and managing debt can be one of the most frustrating things on earth.

Sometimes it never feels like it’s going to end – you just keep paying and nothing really changes.

This is often considered a nightmare by some people because their measure their success in some way by how much debt that they have; which is not a good way to go about that.

You have to think of debt in terms of your ability to pay it off on time.

Most people don’t remotely think of their money and debt in that way, so they’re technically always behind.

This is a huge problem for those who want more credit but can’t easily get it because the bad credit people have messed up the system (which should not have happened).

If you want to eradicate your debt in a very simple way – that eventually resets all of your reality – this is how the spirits can help you…

Lucifuge – helps you understand your debt in a way that you can manage it very efficiently.

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Develops your understanding of your money and debt so that you can manage it well; you just figure out a way to pay if off / deal with in a way that perfectly fits your situation.

Marduk – Aids your understanding of money and debt so that you are always ahead with your debt payments; enables you to discover a creative way of paying everything off as fast as possible so you have more money in hand and less debt to your name.

Can you imagine your life without debt in any form?

Some people go to car dealership to buy their cars in cash – but that is somewhat rare now, though it shouldn’t be.

Why shouldn’t you be able to pay off something like a new car in cash, especially if you have saved enough for it?

If your money situation does not allow you to set aside money to save – even just a little bit – then something is wrong and needs to be changed.

Here is a fallen angel who can help realign you with generally better finances…

Melahel – Gives you a far better understanding of your finances so that you are ahead of your bills; enables you to save a bit while you do whatever you want within reasonable means. Greatly enhances your financial IQ so that you can become more efficient with all your money and savings.

This angel completes the package of financial intelligence so that you don’t have any more excuses preventing you from bettering your money situation, and thereby your debt.

Remember that this is about your debt, keeping more of your money, and not making more foolish decisions with your money and debt in the future.

If any of this is confusing, Melahel can help you understand your finances in a way that dissolves all confusion.

The biggest misconception tends to be about debt and how to get rid of it, which Melahel can easily show you how to do – you just have to follow those steps and do it.

This is not about making a big deal out of what you might consider a big problems; it’s more about making a potentially big situation into a manageable system that you can easily deal with over time.

You’re literally taking your debt and chopping the whole situation up into smaller pieces so that you can understand it much easier – and that’s what a lot of people need, but didn’t know it.

If you want to be serious about your financial life, your debt has to be managed better, and working with these spirits is just one step closer to that.


Eradicate your debt using the demons:

The Old Ones:

Sumerian spirits:

The fallen angels:

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