Enhancing your luck through energy cycles and magick…

by admin on November 29, 2018

Bringing your life into far greater and more stable understanding can create the largest and most positive changes for you going into the future.

But what if you could understand and just know that your energy and luck cycles were just known and figured out –

I am not saying that this is a perfect process, but it works long enough for people to know and find – but namely feel into exactly what their lives will turn into…

A few spirits can guide us into a more cohesive understanding of what it means to open up our lives to deeper knowing and personal truth regarding our luck cycles – and what those energy cycles mean for us –

Hydra (Greek god) – Grants us insight so that we can understand what our energy cycles are and what they mean in the short term so that our lives are brought into far greater balance and stability.

This might seem like small or insignificant information in the short term –

But It can be used to make all aspects and facets of your life better, because you understand what to do and everything just shifts into a much higher gear.

Some might think that this is perfectly fine, but that they do not immediately see the benefit of knowing your energy cycles…likely because it feels to abstract or just doesn’t make sense –

So here I have a sample of what I mean:

Low energy cycle: June 1 – June 2 (life feels odd and bad stuff happens more and we feel it far more intensely)

Transition cycle: June 3 – June 6 (most things work out, but the important things have issues we can’t understand no matter what we do)

High energy cycle: June 7 – June 15 (things works out as long as you associate with those who are also in high energy cycles)

One more viking spirit can guide you into a much higher and greater level of personal understanding as it relates to our luck and energy cycles…

Gullveig (Norse god) – Shifts your thinking and life in general to be far more wise and intelligent as it relates to gaining more positive good energy and luck into your life, then brings you to understand how to bring more good situations and fortune into your life in general.

We don’t have to be stuck in the past with our bad moments and possibly just lost in a sea of crap that we no longer want to deal with –

Our lives have to become far better, and nothing about our lives has to be so poor or badly off that we feel our worlds cannot benefit from a bit of positive spirit guided luck and just better moments to fill our lives with…

I would like to say that this system is guaranteed, but we go through each day differently, and sometimes those time lines can shift out for the better – and that’s a mighty big difference when you realize that we can expand or reduce our luck depending on how intelligently or foolishly we’re living our lives.

Sometimes we experience just has to reflect and let us know where we are going, and other times – it just has to be the case that we’re aligned and brought back to our correct paths –

The world doesn’t have to look and feel so sad and angry, but we can fix and shift all of that for the better in very deliberate – conscious and meaningful way with the spirits as long as we act and think wisely enough to make all of that happen.


Enhance your fortune using Greek spirits:


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