Enhancing your love life with the greek spirits…

by admin on May 25, 2018

Love is a very finicky subject to deal with, especially with magick.

Here we have something that is almost impossible for some people to understand, and therefore a very complicated part of their lives. And for others it is a grand fantasy that they can only imagine but not live in reality (not a good thing).

We are talking about working with some very curious spirits here – some of whom have only been mention in myths and folklore.

I assure you these spirits exists (or I wouldn’t even be mentioning them) and that they are very powerful for their love related talents.

These are not spirits to take lightly. Messing with someone like Voltus, Plutus or Hades could get you in very deep hot water, as they are not folklore or myths but god forms that can help us – sort of like the angels and demons, but different.

Can you imagine having your love life assisted by a love related spirit who you had no idea had that power; because you accidentally believed they were child’s book fairy tales – which is definitely not the case.

Here we are not talking about sleeping beauty or something else that might not be relevant and factual; we are talking about working with real spirits that have real powers who can seriously help us.

I’m not even joking that some people take the Greek paradigm completely as a joke – but that’s their loss.

That’s like thinking that school is useless until you realize the job you want requires that degree you never got…isn’t that frightening?

What I mean here is that you shouldn’t take the Greeks lightly; they are real spirits and should be treated as such.

Have delivered the message clearly enough?

If so, let’s begin…

Hermes – Increases your love understanding of yourself so that self-love comes first and you attract your lover by resolving your internal conflict; enhances your understanding of yourself so that others are pulled in by your light.

Cupid – Removes love understandings and increases capacity for love others; reduces self-doubt as it relates to loving others and partially self-love.

These spirits are popular in our culture but we don’t really think about their powers in a way that we can work with them and have them help us, like we do with other spirits.

They’re definitely not playful ideas that we just learn about on the history channel – they are real spirits that can enact change in the world, just like any other powerful spirits.

Obviously, you have to reach out to them to have them help you.

Sort of like having a friend help you; if they don’t know you need help, but they have the full ability to help, you definitely need to reach out and let them know what’s going on so they can do their thing.

Don’t think of these spirits as friends that just help whenever we’re in pain.

That’s not how they work.

You have to ask them, not plead to them, and they will work with you if their powers fit your situation.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Of course, but not everyone thinks this way and that’s why their love lives aren’t so fulfilling.

There is another spirit that can help here as well…

Proteus – Removes love misunderstandings so that a couple, or single person, can understand where they are going and why they are where they are.

His power might not seem spectacular, but knowing yourself, your relationship – whatever you have, basically – is pretty much everything when it comes to loving yourself and others.

These are rather unique love powers and spirits, but they pack a punch when applied to your situations.

Can you imagine having a love life such that there was occasional confusion and lots of misunderstandings…

…oh wait, that’s how most people are.

You don’t want to be like most people, and these spirits will help you realize your full love potential.

But only if you ask.

Asking them is as simple as knowing who they are and what they can do.

That was simple, wasn’t it?

You now know what to do.

You just have to make it happen.


Enhance your love life with the Greek spirits:


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