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by admin on June 18, 2018

We all need a bit of abundance and enriching your life by increasing your success and income tends to be on the minds of many as they look to reach the next level for them.

It’s never a small moment when we become honest with ourselves and know that we have to push ourselves to become a lot better – and the spirits can help us become who we want to be and achieve exactly what we have our hearts set out to achieve.

When this time of reflection arrives – where we know we need to grow and try to figure out how to get there it can be a very awakening moment to realize that we can definitely make it, but we just need a small bit of guidance along the way so that we don’t fail to reach where we definitely know we need to be.

It’s not a common thing to use spirits like we’re doing here – it’s almost secret knowledge to enhance your life in a way that you can easily see where to go without confusion, but that is the gift the spirits have for us – and all we have to do to reciprocate is to be grateful that we are able to ascend with their guidance.

One spirit in particular can help with the first awakening of you on your path to creating a new and better you…

Iyahel – Guides you to see and understand exactly what you need to do in order to reach the next level of your life; you are shown how to enhance success and prosperity in a way that perfectly aligns with your life path.

If you can imagine your life one full level up – more money coming in, and just far more happiness in general – then you can easily reach up and attain whatever you want, as long as you have a few spirits by your side guiding you.

This is not about trying to make your life into a perfect heaven absent of mistakes – that’s not really possible, and we need small moments of reflection sometimes to keep us aligned and focused on the price; because if we lose concentrate, we’ve lost our way – and that’s never good.

Once you understand the general direction that you need to go, you have to make the proper moves in order to make everything happen – and sometimes that isn’t easy without a little help.

One spirit can help shift your thinking and actions to align more with a life path of abundance and success…

Typhon (Greek spirit) – Enables you to think and act in a way that you are fully working to make your life more aligned with prosperity and success; you act in ways that brings in far more money and happiness – you learn to embrace abundance in a way that allows you to feel good about your life on a consistent basis.

In the moment that you finally feel that you’re doing well and that money is no longer a worry – it tends to be very surreal that you were always pretty close to having great prosperity anyway, but you just didn’t see it that way.

That’s why we have to get the spirits to help us – we have no other option but to feel better about our lives and be better in general – it’s just not reasonable to be anything but happy and successful, and we know and embrace that.

Sometimes this can be a very deep moment for us, but we still have to keep in mind that work have to be done continually to keep everything on track – there is never a dull moment when you are working for your own success, and sometimes you just know that the future just gets better as you work harder – and that can be a very sweet moment to have.

Another spirit can align our life paths with prosperity and abundance so that nothing goes off track over time…

Ningizzida (Sumerian spirit) – Causes us to align our life paths with abundance and prosperity in a way that we have far more income and cash flow than ever before; we just know what to do in order to make our lives fully prosperous, and there is no question that we are on the right path to making everything a lot better for ourselves.

When you know that your life path is suddenly granting you greater income and abundance – it can be a lightening strike moment when you feel that everything is working to bring you more success.

That moment will be forever cemented into your brain, and you won’t easily be able to forget that your hard work paid off in the long run with greater success and money flowing throughout your life.

In a way you might see that those around you who didn’t support your wealth path before are suddenly just gone – and you have finally become that person who has changed in a way that the lazy and unsuccessful people around them unexpectedly fall away – and that can be a pretty serious revelation.

It’s not that we meant for them to leave – they just don’t like to be around people who know what they want and go for it, and that is just insanity for those of us who know what success mean to us and fully embrace it.

They can stay down and idle if they want – but we have to get ahead – doing anything else is simply not an option, and they detected that and left.

One final spirit can guide you toward knowing how to develop yourself for future growth when things start to look a little better…

Asmoday – Allows us to see how we can continue making ourselves better going into the future; we just get what we need to do going forward and we develop a clear plan on how to achieve the next stage of growth in terms of prosperity, success and greater income.

Not all spirits are needed to make our lives a paradise on earth – only a few are needed to really set us into motion and create a far greater and more fulfilling life for ourselves.

Once you’ve reached this stage you’ve likely lived quite a journey so far – even when those around you who didn’t support your goals have fallen away, it can be interesting to see who is in your life at this point.

People who don’t want success can’t really be around us, and it can be a happy moment of realization to know that we don’t attract stupid people and circumstances into our lives anymore – and that can be a startling moment for many who didn’t really know how to do that before.

We were never magnets for negative situations, but the spirits can guide us away from a life of headache and severe discomfort if you allow yourself to change in the best way possible.

The only direction we can move now is to become better – and once you hit that momentum it can be very interesting to see how life comes together when the spirits are guiding you all along the way.


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