Enhancing your learning speed with the demons…

by admin on October 30, 2018

Everyone wants to think faster and remember more stuff.

But what if you just want to get more information into your brain as quickly as possible?

Maybe you’re in school and need to figure things out easier.

Sometimes age doesn’t matter – old or young, we all have problems understanding and remembering, and almost no one thinks to use magic for stuff like this.

Some have thought to use magic for exams, tests and other small things that count.

But why not use it for an overall boost so that you learn everything faster?

This is not a convoluted topic (you’ll be happy to know) so just kick back as we cover some spirit powers directly related to expanding those brain cells.

Demon powers related to expanding learning capacity…

Ronove – Enables enhanced mental clarity and learning abilities as it relates to assimilating / learning new information faster.

Furfur – Deepens your ability to learn new information by enhancing memory and general mental clarity.

Phenex – Gives enhanced mental clarity and memory as it relates to understanding words, numbers and how small pieces of an idea relate to the whole; you’ll understand how all the lessons in a class sort of add up to the big picture understanding of what the teacher (of whatever your subject is) is trying to convey.

These mostly affect general mental clearness as it relates to remembering stuff easier.

Sometimes having memory isn’t enough and mental clarity is needed. Other times mental clarity is fine but you can’t remember what you read – so both are needed.

Then there is the big gun. How can you understand a topic if it’s at the edge of your comfort zone and understanding?

This happens a lot in math, and other classes where there are big topics that have a lot of pieces you have to put together (think of psychology where behavior leads you to class someone has a psychopath – lots of pieces points to a larger idea).

This is actually a far larger problem than most people realize.

Most people just memorize definitions and throw it back up on the tests. But other sort of understand the attributes and connect it with the bigger idea, and that’s related to thinking speed. They think and connect ideas fast enough so that they don’t have to remember a lot of details.

Just so you know, most people don’t think like this second group of people.

Most just memorize the facts and sort of connect it weirdly in their minds to get a final answer, though everyone is different.

The demons that can best help you get big picture ideas like that second group…

Bathin – To enable faster thinking speed to connect relevant ideas faster from memory; creates greater cognitive speed – you just ‘get it’ faster.

Foras – Develops your ability to connect relevant ideas faster; this gives you greater understanding and ability to comprehend ideas faster.

Shaz – Increases cognitive speed so that you can understand relevant ideas faster.

If you combine different demons together, you will literally enhance your learning speed in ways you never thought of.

Sometimes it’s a subtle shift and other times it’s very drastic.

You go from deep brain fog to absolute clarity – and the spirits know exactly when you most need it.

Just think of using someone like Bathin and Furur; you would increase your cognitive speed, mental clarity and memory sort of all at once. And the best of you would come out at the best times.

Obviously there are other combinations, and the spirits will guide you on the best combo to use for yourself, but these are excellent spirits to use for a learning boost.

I have personally used these spirits to boost my mental clarity so I didn’t need caffeine.

Some people use energy drinks and coffee like there’s no tomorrow.

We don’t really need that because the spirits can help us (I use spirits to wake me up).

Just because caffeine is easy to use doesn’t mean that you need to opt for it every chance you get.

It’s not just a chemical addiction at times, it’s also somewhat costly depending on how you buy it.

That’s too many people into caffeine and not enough people into the spirits.

Seriously, think about it.

We’re not the same as the rest.

We use the spirits because we know better.

We understand how they can help us.

Let’s not make the mistake of over using stuff like coffee and artificial energy when the spirits are more than willing to help.


Enhance your learning with the demons:


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