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by admin on October 18, 2018

Here we have a topic that most don’t remotely consider.

This is about increasing your financial competence so that you aren’t making foolish decisions with your money anymore – very simple.

When you add in spirits to your money life – everything gets a lot better, almost overnight.

Am I talking about anything complex here?

Not at all. Actually, I’m talking about the simplest and easiest to grasp solution of all – making everything super simple so that nothing is ever too complex to understand.

Here we have to sort of separate financial wisdom from knowledge – literally the knowledge you pick up from books, mentors and school contrasted with the stuff that lasts forever; training yourself to know what to invest in at the right time, understanding your industry and profession perfectly in a way that you always thrive, and understanding your own finances in a way that you always have money…in other words – financial wisdom.

This is literally about pushing your financial wisdom sky high so that you no longer make foolish buying and investing decisions. You keep more of your money and spend it on what you need, not the crap that you end up regretting.

Some of the spirits we’re covering will have obscure powers, but you’ll understand after how they can help you…

Nabu (Sumerian spirit) – Grants wisdom of financial matters and general life necessities so that you don’t ever buy anything that you won’t need; you buy less frivolous items and ensure all your spending is smarter.

Baphomet – Gives you better decision making power so that your spending is always wise and you never buy anything that you don’t need; enhances your buying wisdom.

Eshaliah (fallen angel) – Increases financial wisdom so that you only buy the things you need, sometimes buying things for the future that you can plan in advance; greatly enhances your future decision making power with your money – you buy things in advance and just plan ahead.

These spirits can boost your buying power into a new level of financial well being, and it’s not even questionable how much more efficient your financial life will be.

Can you envision not regretting any of our purchases?

Literally just having a perfect budget every time with enough money left over where you can enjoy yourself however you want?

Very few people think properly about their money situations, and it’s a common habit – almost everyone thinks similarly about their financial lives, and that’s why we have to break away from all of that and make all of our choices empowered and positive.

It’s kind of good how people think about their money lives – they think they don’t have money, and yet they spend it on things that they never really want or use – and that cannot happen.

They even know what they’re doing, sort of – but they don’t reflect on it deeply enough to seriously get what really going on. It’s maddening.

Do you understand what’s going on here?

We are literally removing the financial garbage from our subconscious so that we can spend wisely and live intelligently – no one thinks like this, but we smartly do.

This is beyond what most people consider with their finances.

But we are going a little past what most consider reasonable with their finances – and we are literally going into intelligent buying and saving where necessary.

Here is one last spirit that can help our finances in a very curious way…

Nenael (fallen angel) – Improves your ability to see the future potential of any buying or investing decision so that you can see if it is beneficial or not; you will see if an investment pays off long term, or you will see if a financial decision is worth your time / money.

This is not something to be under estimated.

Think about buying a car, house, or making an important investment choice; all of these require you to use your intuition to see the future a bit – which then enables you to make the best decision possible for your future.

Not remotely a small decision for larger investments and purchases.

Even the small unneeded stuff  we don’t normally consider; they are all important buying decisions because when they go down, we feel regret for having purchased them. That’s not a small thing when we realize we could have bought a better item.

This is not about over analyzing everything you do to the point that you obsess over it – it’s nothing like that.

We are just talking about making intuitively strong decisions that we know will pay off long term.

There is no right or wrong, technically – because sometimes those poor decisions are a lesson.

This is what financial wisdom is all about. You consider a money related decision very carefully, then act based upon the wisest move that you can come up with.

Most people don’t think like that, but we’re not most people.

You just have to talk to the spirits to make the change happen.


Increase your financial wisdom using the Sumerian spirits:


Using Baphomet:


Using the fallen angels:


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