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by admin on September 20, 2018

When we come to that very crucial point of needing to be different and better within our lives – we know that we have to put effort into the right directions.

Nothing can be the same, and that idle feeling of not doing anything correctly has to be extinguished completely and soundly without any problems and hassles.

This is what getting into the next level of personal discovery and life understanding is about, but we have to do things very carefully without too many huge and life threatening errors, or else nothing will really make sense later down the road.

Once the final pieces have been put in to place, life and your world…your reality won’t feel or be the same ever, and that’s just how everything comes together.

We have to acknowledge that we need change first, then go with the most far reaching option that brings us to the next level – changing and shifting out our entire lives for the better.

And one spirit in particular can guide us toward knowing ourselves better and reaching our goals faster…

Nanshe (Sumerian spirit) – Brings us to full life understanding so that we are fully able to reach for the stars and shift our lives into a much more aggressively ambitious place of achievement and success.

In the situations where we are able to reach down deep to know who we truly are, we have to know and understand what life really means to us.

It can’t be a nothing that everything just floats into place and that we’re trying to figure out how to make due to the world and our lives in general around us.

If nothing is truly the same, we have a vastly and completely different life – but we also have to release the fears and aggression about why we haven’t reached that place of solitude yet, and that will be a funny moment later when…

We didn’t understand realize that we could have done this and achieved so much more the whole damn time –

Our second spirit can open our minds and understanding so that we are brought to the pinnacle of achievement and success in a much shorter amount of time…

Chahuiah (fallen angel) – Enables us to see and fully understand what we can truly and honestly achieve in this life, and won’t allow us to back off or get side tracked so that we don’t achieve our goals going into the future.

The change in mindset is a very humungous thing and nothing about this journey will be simple or so difficult to manage – but we have to move into that zone of personal and overall discover so that our worlds, and the things and people around us shift away…

Into something far better and stronger, and nothing stays the same ever again –

Our last spirits managed our limiting beliefs about our wants, needs and desires, then guides us to figure out and decide what exactly the type of life that we want in general…

Bylgia (Norse god) – Brings you to understand what life you truly and long term want to embrace and work for, so that everything just falls into place in general without confusion for long term success – where we truly personally know we are pushing ourselves to the next level.

It’s not that bad of a situation in general to know that everything just falls into place and doesn’t have to hurt so much, but then we also have to consider…

That life in general did not have to be so harsh and ridiculous, and that it was all personal and intimate mistakes we made in our lives that caused everything to just slide apart in disaster –

We don’t have to conclude that life is so badly negative, and just leave it at that, because that would be life defeat that we’re accepting – and that was never an option…

And will never be the case, as long as we are pushing to be the best that we can possibly become, and don’t remotely and reasonably expect –

That we really have to settle for less ever, and that is what makes life truly special – because without spirit guidance and help, everything feels a lot less good…

But we don’t have to go this journey and our paths alone, because that would be foolish and not good at this point, but we also have to just accept and honestly reach down deep to understand –

That life can a lot better if we just allow the spirits to guide us forward, and it’s not anything to scoff off or set aside to forget forever…

Because we know full well and obviously at this point, that our lives get a lot better in general as long as we have the gods and spirits helping us, and by our side.


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