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by admin on November 9, 2018

Let’s say that you’re ready to change and become your ideal self.

That does not mean that you know what any of that means, or that your ideal self is anything that is within conscious reach – because it can sometimes be that we are so confused that we don’t actually want the goals that we’ve been thinking about –

And in those situations we have to deeply self reflect and open our minds and hearts to something far greater in general…

With only a few minutes to spare before everything changes and our lives and conscious minds have to develop far greater strength and resilience –

All of us just have to hunker down and self reflect on what it really means to be a truly happy, prosperous and understanding, but consciously aware – human on this level of being…

If we don’t fully wake up to all the positive possibilities around us, we might honestly just miss everything altogether – and we already know that this cannot possibly be allowed to happen, though some spirits can help here –

Yahahel (fallen angel) – Opens your mind and perception to understanding and comprehending what it means to be the best of yourself, and guides your thinking and actions to maximizing your full potential over time.

These are not small changes or shifts that we’re digging into here, and that’s saying a lot in general –

Because we all have to grow and respond to insanely deep and…sometimes regret filled past choices, that we obviously want to wash away and detox deeply…

We all know that our past choices and mistakes can haunt us, but what if reaching into the next better parts of our lives was as simple as having a spirit guide you into whatever that better life means to you –

Our last spirit can develop your mental and emotional understanding of your life and money world in general so that you don’t feel off track and keep on your life path – with not too much other stuff around you pushing you off course…

Aruru (Sumerian spirit) – Guides us into understanding, thinking and acting in a way that we change our careers and lives as a whole for the better; if that also means that you must shift and change out jobs or careers in order to be completely happy, you will be guided to safely do this without complications.

Sometimes we know our job life is not the best, and we finally have to alter our live paths in order to make the world and those around us…

…it just makes sense to make sure our money lives are soundly secure, where we have minimal to zero confusion and frustration about what we’re supposed to be doing on this planet overall.

Though it might be said that our understanding and limits can be pushed due to the fact that all humans need to be challenged and put through rough periods in order to grow stronger…

That just means that our lives and worlds as a whole do not necessarily have anything to do with what it means to plow onward and ahead with what it seriously means to be a successful and consciously aware human being –

With our personal minds, emotions and thoughts…actually honestly on par with what we want to get out of this world and life in general.

We just have to keep in mind that the spirits and greatly help us change everything for the better…but we honestly just have to reach out for help when it all gets too crazy for comfort.


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