Embracing a more focused mind and life through magick…

by admin on November 1, 2018

This definitely not a normal or regular topic –

Because no one really understands how to bring themselves to the next level, whether it be through career and job related stuff – or just their personal understanding of what it means to be a regular human…

We all just need to hone in on the fact that life goes on regardless of our personal problems, and we have to transcend and build upon the past in different ways –

Or else we might just literally get run over by our own problems and deceit – with nothing really truly making sense, because it feels wrong and weird to move ahead with our problems, issues and things that hold us back.

If you truly and seriously want to get ahead and become a better person over time, then you need to understand that life has to be different, likely in a more focused and honed in sort of way –

Nothing feels the same when you wake up in a very brutal and drastic way – where life doesn’t get bad or worse off, but you feel and think differently, and your focus is on completely different things…

We have to feel into this experience in a very different way because it has to be shifted and changed out for something dramatically better and nothing is farther from the truth than anyone really deluding themselves into thinking they have their reality figured out –

But life catastrophes and other very heavily charged negative situations and events happen, and no one but the spirits and gods can help you figure out the future…

And it doesn’t have to be so aggressively negative, but a few very curiously powerful spirits can help us –

Bathin – Removes all the negative mental crap and dross we think on a daily basis that holds us back from evolving and moving forward, and brings us to a far higher level of mental and emotional focus as we seek to explore and achieve our goals.

This is a major motivational and personal shift for us, because we’re moving into the next energetic level of where we need to go and what we need to do in this life.

Sometimes we just need to hit life with an open fist and make everything better because we know that life doesn’t work the way that we think and want –

But it has to be different, and we have to change our thinking and our minds to align with and support our highest good and goals in the best possible way…

Because we know that if we don’t that the whole world won’t make sense, and everything just displaces and falls completely out of order – but one Greek spirit can help us figure things out before disaster strikes –

Nike (Greek spirit) – Guides us to open our minds and hone our concentration so that we are almost always focused on the most important tasks at all times, and enables us to think clearly about our goals and achievements in the best ways possible.

This last spirit can shift your entire life in an instant as long as you understand what to do and how to do things differently – with nothing feeling out of place because you understand yourself and how the world works very differently –

As long as you can build up your mind and psyche to a totally different level, then everything will be different and nothing will be the same, because you already know that changing the way you view the world literally shapes and evolves the way that you see your life in general.

If nothing else, these spirits can guide you to wake up and see the truth in a vastly and completely blatantly different way – with nothing held back, and everything suddenly making sense in a way that you did not ever expect…

Because we often don’t think thoughts that completely align with where we want to go and who we are in general, and nope –

You won’t ever truly get ahead with your own life and with what you’re doing overall if you don’t understand your life and emotions, and mind in general – because you just have to have a handle and manage all of that better.

With a lot more unnecessary emotional and mental crap hitting the horizon and just shifting the way you think and feel in general – because you also know that if you don’t change for better, everything will fall flat and you won’t have the proper answers like you thought you might –

Once everything comes together and you finally figure out how and why life feel so weird in general – nothing will be out of place, with all those weird thoughts and emotions settling in, and nothing else really frustrating nor confusing you…

Because you finally get what’s going on, and nothing and no one can take that away from you – and that can happen if you allow a few very powerful spirits to guide you into the right level of being, without holding back.


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