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by admin on June 20, 2018

The biggest hurdle for most people when creating a better financial life for themselves to often just to reduce and remove their debt, and sometimes it’s not a small amount that they have either.

This can be a crazy experience to go from handling a massive pile of debt to having actual cash in hand that you are free to spend – though at that point you might just save it up and use it for more long term uses, considering that the Egyptian spirits are likely guiding you.

We don’t have to make this into a big deal, but sadly too many people make it into a huge deal that they’re managing and struggling with a huge – and to them it’s massive, no matter how big it is – amount of debt, and that can be shifted and changed.

Once the spirits guide you to take back control over your money life, nothing will be the same – but it’s being willing to seek out that guidance that counts the most, and we need to do that here now with several spirits…

Khepri – Causes you to have a shift in mindset with your finances so that you know how to manage and reduce your debt to the point of no longer having any; gives you the persistence and will power to keep this up long turn so that you have far less debt over the  years.

We’re not talking about a small change here, but it must start with changing the way you think about your money and what you owe others in general.

It’s not that bad of a change, and it can be a very smooth transition over time – but you have to allow the spirits to help you in a way that can make everything that much easier and better.

You don’t even have to shift your spending or anything as much as you think; people tend to think this all requires massive shifts, but those changes come over time – and it often just involves several small tweaks to how you manage your life and finances.

But for creating actual prosperity over time rather than just aiming at debt, we have one spirit in particular that can help…

Set – Allows your life and mindset to change regarding abundance and gaining greater cash flow in a way that your life changes for the better, long term; guides you to keep and sustain your enhanced prosperity over time.

Reducing your debt to the point where it no longer exists – and enhancing your money flow are two entirely different things, and they both need to be targeted here.

That isn’t how many people think about their money, but that’s the problem too – they don’t think deeply enough about the stuff they work so hard for, just to release in on crap they don’t need, and that can be a huge problem.

Being smarter about your money and actively encouraging wiser decisions with everything in general is the next step, and it’s not even a negotiable thing that we can skimp on – and one last spirit can guide us with this…

Nephthys – Guides your thinking and actions to be much smarter and wiser for your financial life so that you make far fewer dumb decisions; helps eliminate foolish money moves from your life in general so that everything is just much easier and smoother with your finances.

This can make for tremendous movement in your financial life if you really want to transition everything into a better money life.

It’s not even that big of a decision really – it’s more common sense than anything, and it is foolish to forsake help like this. But people do that and life doesn’t end up being so smooth or good, and that’s unfortunate that they have to live like that.

But we can be different, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal that we work with the Egyptian spirits – just like others work with angels to help them with what they need, it’s just an acceptable thing and we just need to be open to that help long term.

Nothing in life has to be so rough or difficult, and the Egyptian spirits can help make this a much less turbulent and confusing journey – as long as you allow them to make those changes with you.


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