Developing your understanding of luck and bad luck periods using magick…

by admin on April 21, 2018

This is not a topic for those who want to stay in crappy situations.

If you want to make your life infinitely better, I have something that can make everything a lot better – almost overnight.

Most people just don’t understand bad luck and good luck cycles in general.

These luck cycles following planetary shifts, but it can be very challenging to chart those shifts in a way that makes any sense at all.

So – for us – we’ll be using the spirits to help guide us to bringing us better understanding of our bad luck periods, and thereby our luck cycles in general so that we can see, detect and comprehend what’s coming up without too many startling accidents messing up your life.

Some spirits can help you understand, and others can help boost your luck during periods of crazy emotional insanity.

These are the periods that you almost don’t feel like getting up in the morning because it feels like everything is already shit – which is not the best feeling to start the day off with.

With luck powers from the spirits you can boost your energy cycles in a way that you feel energized, uplifted in your emotions, and just generally far better outlook for your life in general.

This can be a life saver for those moments where you need life to work out – even just a little bit – but your bad luck cycle is preventing everything from turning out well.

There are a couple spirits that can help here; one that can enhance your good luck in general and another that can help you understand your bad luck in a way that you never really have it again in the future…

Yahahel – Reduces your back luck and enhances your good luck in a way that helps prevent future horrifying situations in back luck periods; your good energy is enhanced in a way that you understand future potential bad luck situations in advance and feel more good luck energy.

Balam – Reduces your back luck and helps you understand how to boost your luck in all relevant ways; allows you to feel enhanced good energy (luck) in a way that heavily reduces your bad luck cycles and situations that might turn out very badly for you in the future.

If you can remember all the good days, you can easily multiply those days out so that the bad days are almost a thing of the past.

This is not about erasing all the bad moments forever. That’s not what this is about.

You can boost and embrace your good luck in ways that seriously make a difference in your life. Your good luck can be enhanced such that your bad luck days don’t feel like much of anything at all.

But this is only the start of things – you can easily get understanding of your bad luck cycles in a way that prevents them from happening so aggressively in the future.

Some people don’t realize that the bad luck periods can be reduced – and other people have figured out that by understanding their bad and good luck cycles that they can greatly reduce their bad luck in general.

Boosting your good luck is a big deal – but reducing your bad luck is also important as well, and one spirit can help with this…

Phaleg (Olympic spirit) – Helps you understand your bad luck cycles in a way that you can reduce them over time; allows you deep understanding of your good and bad luck periods so that you can shift your life in a way that brings in more good luck and reduce the bad periods.

If you had a life filled with good luck, with heavily reduced bad luck periods – do you think that might change things a bit?

It’s not even a question that everyone on earth can’t stand bad luck periods – and we all want a way out.

This is your chance to understand your life in a way that bad luck gets slowly dissolved away and you get to embrace good luck in a much stronger way.

We’re making life better through the most common sense way possible – you remove the bad luck in your life and instill good luck in a way that you understand how to keep it going long term.

This is a power of the spirits and they are more than capable of doing this.

You now have the chance to make your life a lot better through a few simple steps – it’s up to you to do the rest.


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