Developing my businesses with wealth magick part 3…

by admin on July 12, 2018

Using the spirits to grow my business has been a journey, and I knew it would be pretty exciting to have different spirits work on different aspects of what I do.

For this current ritual I used…

Mimir (Greek spirit) – Develops and grows your current and new projects so that you can find creative angles to attract new quality customers and create new business if that applies; allows you to see the best ways to increase profits and maximize customer satisfaction where possible.

I now have 3 additional businesses from working with Mimir, and this is not what I was expecting.

Here I am trying to grow my current business, which is good enough – or so I thought – then randomly 3 others pop up in the last 3 weeks that I couldn’t remotely predict would be a thing – but they are definitely up and running now, and that’s crazy.

This goes to show that the spirits work – not just in unexpected ways – but in ways that you can’t easily see, and that’s exactly what happened here.

Now I literally have 4 different businesses in completely unrelated industries and that is unbelievable considering that I this is something I didn’t remotely predict or expect – it just happened.

But that’s how good and unpredictable things can get when you work with the spirits – life might get a little interesting, but you will come out stronger, better and overall just a lot more confident about your future.

Obviously every situation is different – others using wealth magick will get different results, but the point here is that working with the spirits is hugely beneficial to us – whether we’re working a day job, working at home like I am on my businesses, or trying to make a mixture of the two.

The spirits in wealth magick can shift your life and situation into an entirely different gear – as long as you remain open to their guidance and willing to work on yourself in a way that changes your life forever.


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