Developing emotional and physical toughness through sekhmet…

by admin on March 13, 2019

Twisting our worlds into something that almost hurts –

…literally should not have to be a thing, and if we opened our minds and wallets to something greater, perhaps we might be better off.

But money has nothing to do with spiritual destiny, and growing stronger as a human with a literal actual spirit – meaning life entity – within our meat bodies, actually and vicariously means that we need to take care of the spirit within…

And the physical body as we push and pull ourselves through this terrain we call life –

It just has to be a thing that we bring ourselves to feel much greater and stronger internal power – because this life is not stopping, and we have to condition ourselves to receive the greatest and highest that this world has to offer…

And a very curious and specifically powered Egyptian spirit can help here –

Sekhmet (Egyptian spirit) – Causes you to feel much more emotional balance and physical toughness as you move through your challenges, then guides your thinking and actions to create life enhancing situations that help you develop as a spiritual being and resilient person in general.

Some might not see the true power in being an emotionally tough human –

And that’s perfectly adequate and fine for them, because apparently they have their emotional and mental lives figured out.

Which cannot be stated as something less good, or somehow inadequate…

Because this means a lot to a huge amount of humans, and we just need to strengthen ourselves in the best and most anticipated ways possible –

If we don’t, the devil might be on our asses, and none of us wants anything to do with that.

It all has to be about getting stronger, tougher and more physically able to move forward within our challenges –

And all of this has to happen in a very specific but orderly and majestically stable form and way…

Sekhmet won’t be holding anything back, but I seriously and truly hope – that you won’t either.


Develop your toughness through the Egyptian spirits:

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