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by admin on January 8, 2019

Life gets a lot better when your finances are in order.

Having money doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness, but having more than enough is always good to have – and that feeling of abundance can help sustain happiness long term.

That’s why so many people fret over not having enough money – but the problem is that they don’t often budget well so that when they complain, they’re often complaining about stuff they could easily control.

Unnecessary spending is a huge problem for those with reliable incomes but very minimal money management.

They spend without thinking about their real necessities and it bites them hard later when it comes to buying the stuff they actually need – they just don’t have the funds to cover stuff, and that’s a nasty realization for those who just don’t know how to manage their money.

Developing better finances is very simple once you have a stronger budget in place to keep all your spending in order.

It’s not that difficult, but it can be easy to forget to keep track sometimes and that’s what messes people up when they see that they don’t have much left after a month of unregulated spending.

This is not about trying to become a financial adviser in some confusing way – you’re just keeping better track of your finances on a weekly basis so that your spending doesn’t not exceed your budgeting goals.

The spirits can help us see all the ways that we can fix up our money situations – and it’s a lot easier than most people think considering that creating better finances is about adding up a lot of smaller decisions over time that help us create a better financial situation.

A few spirits can help us here…

Damebiah – Guides us to create a better money situation by developing a more efficient budget; we discover all the ways that we can remove unnecessary spending and find all ways to improve our cash flow so that we are never low on money ever.

Aniel – Enables us to develop a far stronger budget so that we remove all unneeded spending and discover all ways we can maximize our cash flow over time.

Once you have extra cash available to spend on whatever you wish at the end of each week you will understand how powerful it can be to have the spirits guide you on making your finances more efficient.

This is about creating the best possible financial scenario so that everything we do pulls us closer to a stronger budget and more money coming in on a consistent basis.

In some cases we have money available to us through various sources that we haven’t yet explored, and the spirits can help guide us to those funds.

It’s not always obvious, and in some cases it can be shocking to see how we are missing obvious income sources hidden in plain sight – it can be ridiculous how oblivious we are to some of these sources.

The spirits can help us see what’s right in front of our faces, and they can also guide us to see the stuff that isn’t so obvious but might be a creative tweak to something else we’re doing in a way that enables us to get cash flow in ways we never thought could be possible.

That’s the power of the spirits – they enable you to see the creative angles to situations that you just can’t ordinarily see.

One last spirit can help you pull out cash flow from sources that you might not ordinarily know to use to enhance your finances…

Lavel – Guides you to find creative ways to enhance your income through uncommon and hidden money sources that you likely haven’t thought of; enables you to create an income through those sources thereby improving your overall income and cash flow in general.

None of this has to be difficult, but because we’re so close to our finances, we often can’t see the hidden solutions to our situation.
This is like getting help from a very knowledgeable friend who can see where you’re messing up with your money and budget.

The spirits can guide you to open up all available ways to improve your money situation including finding new and creative ways to make extra cash each month.

The difference between allowing a spirit guide you and doing it all yourself can be a incredibly drastic transition. You don’t know the stuff that you can’t easily see yourself, and they can bring you to see all the unique angles to your financial situation that you haven’t easily revealed yet.

It’s just another way to see your situation, and sometimes those creative angles to improve your finances need to be revealed by the spirits in order for you to take advantage of them.

Enhancing your money situation in this way can be very simple, but you have to take the initiative to reach out to the spirits and have them guide you.

They can guide you to the creative solutions to make your finances a lot better – but you have to be willing to improve your finances in ways that might be out of your comfort zone in order to embrace a stronger money situation going into the future.


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