Developing a stronger mind and removing confusion with magick…

by admin on December 23, 2018

Removing the mental fog and confusion is a thing we all want to happen when it strikes unexpectedly.

If you can imagine how you are on your best days – mentally free and clear – then you can imagine yourself without those moments of mental confusion and brain clutter.

It’s not even a good mental state to be in, so we need to change all of that – but also prevent it from happening repeatedly.

This is not about a temporary one time cure, but rather a long term remedy so that you don’t have to keep dealing with the same crappy issues over and over.

That’s how you deal with a problem like this – you have to end it when it hits, then act to prevent it from happening over and over again.

There are several spirits that can help with this and keep the mental confusion and clutter away –

And here we are resolving this problem in a way that helps prevent lingering sustained moments going into the future – and several spirits can help us here…

Hadad (Sumerian spirit) – Removes any mental confusion and fog that you might have preventing you from thinking clearly; enables you to think quickly with clarity, preventing the mental clutter from coming back.

Inanna (Sumerian spirit) – Enables the removal of any mental clutter and confusion in a way that prevents its reoccurrence; you just get how to prevent the brain fog in the future and to enhance your mental clarity in general.

If you have mental clutter and brain fog – you can gain the clarity back without too many further issues.

If you want to prevent this from happening to you – these spirits can also help you.

But some days you might find that you can’t easily reach for spirits – or that you don’t know what solution you need.

This is a preventative solution and enables you to prevent deep confusion for those times where you don’t know what to do, and solutions you need.

For those times where you don’t know what you don’t know – and can’t stand that feeling of not understanding anything, these spirits can help…

Arathron (Olympic spirit) – Prevents any period of deep confusion in a way that allows you to be completely mentally clear without any brain fog or mental hiccups whatsoever (must be used before it happens).

Bael – Prevents moments of deep confusion in a way that allows you to be mentally clear without any mental clutter or brain fog whatsoever (needs to be used before it happens).

Though the use of these spirits is best prior to the mental confusion hitting – it can be invaluable to your mind and life to have clarity when you might otherwise be severely out of focus…and that’s not a small thing to fall back on.

You literally feel everything change…your thinking shifts and you suddenly understand everything – and everything just feels clearer and better.

This cannot easily happen without spirit help, and even other widely professed solutions can’t easily bring you back like the spirits can.

It’s a little ridiculous how many people experience incredibly draining and frequent brain fog even when they use numerous supplements on a consistent basis – because they’re still mentally derailed and nothing feels like it works to help their minds go back on track.

Even though the use of these spirits is more preventative – because you likely can’t think to reach out to the spirits when the fog sets in – you can still work with the spirits before anything happens so that everything gets better, and the mental clutter won’t come in at all.

If this is something that you want to prevent in the future – literally erasing mental confusion and enhancing your mental clarity on a daily basis long term, you just need to talk to the spirits to have them help you out.


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