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by admin on September 2, 2018

This is a topic that isn’t covered enough in magick.

All we’re talking about here is opening your intuitive abilities, which largely just covering divinity (seeing the future), and mildly feeling / hearing the spirits – that’s it.

We’re not talking about raising and lowering objects in our minds – I mean that’s a cool thing to do, I guess, but not really practical for everyday reality.

We’re also not talking about trying to reach each other’s minds – it’s just not like that.

All we’re exploring here is raising intuition to the point where you can navigate life easier.

Have you ever heard of following your gut feeling?

A lot of businessmen, sports professionals and every expert ever interviewed vaguely mentions following their intuition / gut to get ahead in their fields.

It’s not as small as you think – the really intuitive people get ahead and those ignoring their gut tend to feel the most regret.

Isn’t that literally how it is?

You didn’t follow your gut feeling and everything turned to crap, almost instantly.

That’s not a fun feeling at all, is it?

Here are a few Olympic spirits that can help you explore this…

Phul – Enhances your intuition generally.

Ophiel – Increases your access to your intuition in a way that helps you express yourself creatively to others through verbal and written communication.

Though Ophiel’s power might not seem directly related to intuition, having the creative ability to speak in a way that is very colorful and expressive is important to many – it’s actually not valued enough in a way.

If you find that you aren’t using the write words to express yourself on a continual basis, Ophiel can help.

This is not about pure intuition here where you feel situations through perfectly every time (that’s technically not possible).

We can feel through situations and get the general gist of how things develop, but it will not be as you fully expect in most cases – and for all intents and purposes that should be fine.

One last Olympic spirit can help with detecting the future…

Bethor – Enables you to feel into a situation such that you can detect how it unfolds; you literally get a vision of the future as it relates to that situation.

Even though these might be somewhat subdued powers, they should be taken seriously.

We are talking about developing intuition to the point where we can see and feel into the future, detect how certain situations develop into the near future, and generally express ourselves better through more creative communication.

This is all about psychic powers in a way you likely didn’t expect – and there’s no way you could have foreseen it.

Developing your intuition to the point where you can see where others are leading you, trying to manipulate you, trying to sell you…trying to misdirect you – do you see where I’m going with this here?

That’s all a topic for another time, but I just want you to see how powerful this is.

Once you feel into a situation intuitively, you’ll have far more grasp of what’s going on than you could have ever imagined.

You just have to ask some particular spirits for help to get you there.


Enhance your psychic senses using the Olympic spirits:

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