Devastating your enemies with mars and rehoel…

by admin on March 7, 2019

Devastating your enemies with mars and rehoel…

The people around us can directly influence how we live and –

Sometimes that just cannot be a negative thing…that we allow them to mess and screw up our lives just because they’re possibly having a bad time.

To allow injustice in a way that brings our live to a near halt simply cannot be anything moving forward, and since we know those who act against us are seriously and monstrously not in any good position – nor are they likely willing to resolve their lives and past acts –

So we have to move forward with brutal and blunt force, and have the spirits guide them into their own discipline and salvation…

Mars (planetary spirit) – Destroys our enemies and those who have acted against us with very painful torment and suffering to the point that they are guided into a full life disaster and crisis. Their emotions and minds will be in full chaos as they realize and understand how evil and bad they have been, now having all of their negativity rebound on them in full weight.

Rehoel (fallen angel) – Ensures that our enemies feel complete life destruction in proportion to the damage they have inflicted onto us and others, then shifts their entire lives to feel like a living hell – with torment, emotional turmoil and a full life crisis…they will not survive without having atoned for what they have done.

Neither of these two spirits leave the negative and bad acts of the past unresolved –

And that is impossible to move through this world while thinking that pain and discomfort from bad and wicked people is just going to be unpunished for the long run…

Sometimes we just need to step up and understand that our lives and worlds have to be protected by the gods and spirits of this dimension and universe –

But other times we might just need and require a bit of guidance to put that into place.

Without those who stand against us…we might actually do well in this life, and that is nothing small – nor anything to let linger and prolong itself into another dissatisfied sequence of more nasty events…

Because we can do something very deep and meaningful by stopping those who trespass against us – and at this stage…they likely won’t be continuing their mischief for any amount of time going into the near and far future.


Deal with your enemies using the planetary spirits:

Using the fallen angels:

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