Detoxifying your life and past so that your reality becomes clear and successful through the Norse gods…

by admin on December 3, 2018

When things get a little confusing and rocky – and that feels and mental confusion doesn’t go away –

You might need a little bit of spirit intervention, and that can come through the viking spirits in a way that allows you to regain yourself without losing any mental and emotional traction.

Sometimes we just need to push forward without too much other past problems and…

It all just needs to be cleared and cleaned away – and that can be remedied through incredibly deep and thorough mental and emotional clearing –

Which isn’t very difficult or challenging to setup, but still requires a couple of spirits to guide us through the process…

Buri – Brings us through a very deeply intense period of mental and emotional detox and clearing such that we are brought into far greater clarity about our life goals, where we need to be and how we can best take action to achieve everything in the fastest amount of time possible.

Everything about this process brings us into emotional flow, and mental clearness – because we know that our past and present lives are not to be brought forward with us, and that is crucial for us to get out of the way.

Other times we might just need to realign ourselves with our present and future goals so that we aren’t brought too far off track –

And one more spirit can help direct us to where we need to be…

Embla – Removes the mental negative self talk and emotions that linger from past problems so that we are more integrated with our lives and what we truly want out of this life in general.

Once those smaller pieces are in place, you might find that the world unexpectedly becomes a lot clearer very quickly –

And that is not to say that our lives need to be tuned in a very particular way, but that we just need to reestablish where we are in our worlds…

Then pull ourselves into that next level of personal fulfillment, satisfaction –

…and knowledge that our lives are finally back on track, with that full mental and emotional detox seriously pushing us through everything we needed…

In order for the present reality and our world as a whole…just balances out and finally feels correct and pleasant.


Restore clarity in your life using the Viking / Norse Gods:

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