Destroying social anxiety with magick…

by admin on June 6, 2018

We are entering a topic that some people consider a bit awkward.

Social anxiety and anxiety in general are very interesting for the fact that they reduce our ability to think and feel in very normal situations.

This is not about curing stuff or trying to fix something that doesn’t exist.

This is about resolving those issues you have deep down so that you can rest assured next time you go out, that nothing will go wrong with your body or emotions.

Stuff like this is never tackled in the way that we’re dealing with it here and now.

Using spirits for anxiety is very simple once you know what to ask for and who to talk to…

Phaleg (Olympic spirit) – Reduces and removes social anxiety + anxiety in general; causes you to feel at ease in public or any other situation that could induce heighted emotions.

Hastur (the Old Ones) – Removes anxiety in all forms as you go about in public; causes you to feel calm and at peace while around others or in wide open spaces where you would normally panic.

Asmoday – Dissolves social anxiety in a way that enables you to feel and see how to manually remove it in the future if that ever becomes an issue; teaches you how to deal with it in minor situations.

This is not a complex topic, but this can be seen as a complex issue that literally plagues the body and emotions of those it seizes.

It’s literally an overwhelm of the emotions as a response to certain situations – it’s actually not that bad and the brain can be rewired to remove it.

I’m not telling you not to see doctors or therapists or anything about this; nothing like that.

I’m telling you that it can be remedied through the spirits because they can teach you how to overcome it – everything else is just secondary stuff you do on your own. I’m showing you the stuff that works through the spirits and magick; don’t get this confused with modern medicine or whatever system you follow.

These spirits can help you transcend and overcome this annoying affliction of the emotions – and that’s exactly what it derives from in a way. Your emotions over take you and it becomes unmanageable to breathe correctly.

The reason we are somewhat separating social anxiety with regular anxiety is just a matter of definition – one happens when you’re out in public or around people, and the other is more about the situation than people.

The spirits are actually very good at removing this tendency within us; and it’s something they can handle very quickly.

What if you don’t know if you have anxiety in any form – perhaps you don’t really know what that feels like but think you might have had it before?

Ronove – Enables you to self-reflect and understand if you truly have anxiety in any form; social, situational or whatever.

This is the best chance you have to discovering if those odd emotional moments in your life had any relation to anxiety in any form.

Stuff like this doesn’t happen; where you’re able to self-reflect on stuff that you can self-intuit – figure out yourself without the aid of others, which is very powerful.

Ronove basically helps you discover the best of yourself, and in this case he helps reveal the emotional crap to you, what it means, and how to transcend it.

Those who have social anxiety and other forms of it know pretty darn well how big this is to understanding and control themselves well enough to not have it anymore – at least not as a problem.

Sometimes having exaggerated emotions is just being upset, angry or just generally responding to a negative situation normally, which is exactly that – normal. It’s nothing to worry about.

But – and this is a big one – you have to know if your anxiety is bigger than normal; if it affects you more than it technically should.

If that is the case, then you have anxiety that can be reduced, and the spirits will help you figure it out…

…if you reach out to them and let them help you.


Dissolve your anxiety with the Olympic spirits:

Using the Old Ones:

Using the demons:

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