Destroying negative personality traits with magick…

by admin on November 13, 2018

You know what these are and how annoying they can be.

These are those things you see that irk the life out of you – that you can’t understand, but somehow no one corrects.

This is a problem for them and for you because you have to deal with them.

Though this is a problem…it can be remedied through the proper guidance, and spirit influence – as long as you are opening to becoming slightly different in the way that you get perceived by this world, and carry yourself on a daily basis.

In a way, we have to do much of this process in reverse –

You have to understand your problem areas, thereby gaining the understanding that brings you to the next level of positively enhanced living…

This is not about attempting to fix ourselves or others in ways that no one wants – because we know what traits and aspects of our personalities are not good –

…and we just have to push ourselves, and expand our minds in ways that leverages the best parts of our minds, brains and everything else that we can use to make the best out of our lives in general.

The spirits can help in very creative ways, and we’re going to explore that now…

Lehachiah (fallen angel) – Causes a person to self-reflect so their negative personality traits are revealed and they understand that they need to change.

Murmur – Causes harsh realization to a person that their negative personality traits make them look odd and stupid, thereby causing them to change in a somewhat drastic way.

Glaucus (Greek spirit) – Enables a period of deep self-reflection so that a person can acknowledge and understand their negative personality traits in a way that gets them to change immediately.

Don’t think that these are powers to under estimate in any capacity – self reflection and knowing what you’re doing oddly or wrong is a hugely important thing.

All of these spirits can cause a life changing realization, and that tends to be the moment that everyone notices their faults in a very creative or obscure way.

Though we tend to see these negative traits as a huge thing, they can literally be dealt with in a very small period – which technically causes them to be far less of a problem.

Think about it – if the traits can be dealt with overnight, were they that big to begin with?

Many who self reflect get the hideous feeling that they might not be able to remove the traits soon, if at all. But that feeling is a lie, as are many other emotions we feel when we’re frustrated – which is sort of how these bad personality traits come to fruition anyway.

One more spirit can help with managing these negative traits in such a way that you can tackle several (if applicable), all at one time…

Yelahiah (fallen angel) – Causes deep self-reflection that happens over a short bit of time that enables you to see all of your negative personality traits such that you are compelled to change all of them in a very small amount of time.

Notice that this last angel power is about changing you rather than someone else.

Changing those negative traits you faintly detect within yourself is massively important – you might understand vaguely that you need to change something about yourself – but what could that be?

That’s what you’ll find out, and it doesn’t matter that you don’t know what they are yet – that’s the whole point of growing to become a better person; the fact that you want to self-reflect even deeper says quite a lot about who you are and your character.

Technically, Yelahiah can be used for a dual purposes here…you can use her to personally self reflect for yourself, and to target someone you know at the same time.

That might be useful for some people (couples, friends etc) who want to grow mutually with someone else, which is not uncommon – but it is something that we can all use to become the best of ourselves over time.

This is a huge chance to change things for the better, but sadly many who come across something like this wouldn’t make use of it.

That can’t be us because we have the power to fix this – and it can’t be shrugged off.

We have to make use of the fact that we know the spirits to use, and what to ask them.

They just need us to make first contact, and it pretty much does not get any easier than that.


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