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by admin on October 22, 2018

Everyone has good and bad luck at times, but few people are willing to tackle the understanding behind this.

No one thinks of using magick to offset bad luck, and it’s kind of horrific to see people go through nasty negative luck cycles and basically fall on their faces – not knowing what on earth happened.

It can be a devastating experience to feel that nasty energy hit you, dominate you, and toss you around like a rag doll.

Once the bad luck hits, it’s almost as if the game is over – you don’t know what hit you, and nothing works out.

This is not a good state of being; to be confused over something you can understand and overcome with a few spirits to help you out.

This is not about removing the bad luck artificially – if you’re reading this, you’re one of the lucky few who will understand how to nullify bad luck as if it were never a thing.

You will feel better – and the experience will just be stronger – and suddenly the world won’t feel so dark and cold.

It shifts your perception of time and reality so that even the best of days feels distant and emotionally cold.

It’s nothing anyone wants to deal with – this is stuff that everyone feels but no one wants to address directly.

The spirits can help, but in a way you likely didn’t think possible…

Lelahel – Negates the effect of bad luck cycles so that you feel happier, more cheerful, and you know how to think and act so that the low energy doesn’t negatively affect you.

Sitael – Removes your negative emotions from a low energy cycle so that you don’t feel the full effect of bad luck; causes your emotions to be brighter and happier, your life outlook to be better, and your general mood to be much more positive.

Can you imagine your mood brighter, happier and much more relaxed and serene out of nowhere?

That’s what happens when a spirit uplifts your energy so that everything turns out much better.

It’s just a night and day difference, and few can guess what really happened to you.

The spirits literally just shift your energy so that everything feels and looks better – your life outlook suddenly – almost miraculously – gets better. It can be ridiculous how quickly things change.

This is not a joke, and you know it when it hits.

It’s beyond reality how bad luck can make you think a good life is bad – and it’s ridiculous how quickly a spirit can shift that back so that you feel better than ever.

If you’ve ever woken up and just felt like the day was going to be shit, you know how serious this can get.

We’re about to get serious here, with spirits that can shift heaven and earth to make things happen.

If you’ve ever felt like crap after what should have been a good day, then you’ll know how important it can be to shift everything to be better than it was…

Asmoday – Creates positivity out of the negative; allows your emotions, life outlook, and general mood / thinking to be uplifted and clearer so you can get on with your day without too many troubles.

Zagan – Develops positivity out of a severe bad luck cycle; allows you to look and feel happier, generate a better mood, and stay generally happy with clearer thinking, better emotions and much stronger ability to keep positive and resilient.

Spirits like theses can create a miraculous change – almost instantly they can shift your day from doom and gloom, to light and bright.

You cannot compare these two experiences, really.

It’s like saying having no money when you have bills to pay and having a bank account with all the bills paid are the same thing.

It’s not even funny how different this is, and just like bad and good luck, you don’t want to take that good luck for granted.

Am I saying good luck is just a feeling?

Absolutely not.

I am saying it has to do with low and high energy cycles – the stuff that keeps you in bed in the morning versus the days that you just spring up instantly ready to take on the day.

The bad luck aspect literally drags you down like an anchor, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s about feeling good and thinking clearer – then dealing with your challenges with grace.

This can be brutal for those who don’t understand what’s going on.

But thankfully you aren’t them – so why not use some spirits to help shift things around…

Och – Enhances your good luck in a way that allows you to understand and learn from your bad luck cycles; guides you to learn and transcend from those period in a way that they reduce in your life. You also feel generally happier, your life outlook gets better, and you know exactly what to do in the future to avoid such deeply negative bad luck.

If you can imagine yourself feeling good again – you can easily shift your bad luck with the spirits.

They are one of very few ways to negate and transcend bad luck in a way that you know how to avoid it in the future.

You might have small cycles of the bad stuff coming, but you’ll know what to do and how to handle it.

If you use a spirit such as Och to understand your bad luck in the future and learn whatever you need from it – you might find that the bad luck just sort of dissolves in a very creative way that allows you to overcome it and experience good luck instead.

Bad and good luck are two sides of the same coin – if you see the world as nasty and negative out of nowhere, I think you know which cycle you’re in.

This is not something you have to go through alone, and it’s pretty crazy that we can do this at all.

But all you have to do is dissolve your relationship with bad luck, and the good luck cycles can help show you the way – if you allow the spirits to help you.

This isn’t very complicated at all.

Working with the spirits can be hugely illuminating – as long as you allow them to guide you to a brighter life outlook by negating that negative energy.


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