Designing your life and pushing into a frontier with magick…

by admin on November 7, 2018

This is a very different thing that we’re doing here –

And something you just know that your life and the way you live just has to be completely different, almost from bottom to top.

That is the point where you just want – likely career, love life and personal stuff, like feelings, and the way you view the world…

To be completely refreshed and better in general.

Stuff like this can start over night, but you have to be open to spirit and, just help in general – and that can come from several different spirits – but you have to be open to their help and aid over time –

And when they shift and force your life into a new direction and way of being – you will know that it was all always worth the wait and patient effort…

Vual – Changes your perception and the way you think of the world so that you can make everything drastically better, almost overnight – and bring yourself to a new level of being and evolution in general.

This is about redesigning your life, and nothing will truly and honestly be the same ever again –

Once you see how deeply life changing spirit influence and guidance can be, there will be no such thing as turning back to your old life and ways of living.

Though it can be a massively emotional and mental thing that we go through – the spirits can guide us through it all in a very sequential and deliberate way…

Where only the best of us gets to shine through into the future.

One more spirit – an angel, can guide us into the next frontier and way of being in general –

Poiel (fallen angel) – Causes us to see and act differently in our lives so that we pull out the best of ourselves on a daily basis, thereby creating and enhancing our lives and worlds in general; which then enables greater long term changes to happen and unfold for our careers, personal lives and everything that matters for us in general.

Everything has to change when you feel up against the wall and your own world, in a very personal and different way.

That’s the type of stuff that causes mid life crisis’ and other other similar situations to pop up, and nothing else feels or acts right, because it doesn’t really feel or seem real in general.

All of this has to be the new way forward, and once you get – understand, and realize that our worlds and levels of personal discomfort, and all of those boundaries get pushed to new standards and limits…

You will finally understand and get that our ways of living, and our worlds overall have shifted –

But it can only be for the better, because these spirits and gods that we’re working with are only ever able and willing to change it all to embrace a far deeper and better world.

And that can start and include you, but that has to be a conscious decision to allow the bring forward within your own life – great change and happiness, as directed and guided by our spirits as they see where we want to go and…

…nothing else can stop us from getting to where we’ve always wanted to be.


Embrace greater prosperity using the demons:

Using the fallen angels:

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