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by admin on December 19, 2018

Later in life we all almost wish we could go back with the knowledge we now have and just…

…almost restart everything from scratch.

But that cannot be something we hope and wish for, especially when we know we can reset things and start something far better…right here and now –

Several spirits can guide us to remaking our lives into something far stronger and better, but that does not mean we don’t have something good already going…

It just means that our lives can be greatly enhance – no matter where we are, and one particular norse spirit can help us –

Bylgia – Shifts our thinking and the way we act so that our entire lives are completely different in ways that we most desire and need for everything to change and align with our goals long term.

This does not mean that we are stuck in the past, but that also does not mean that we can sit idle for any part of this journey…

Because it does not make sense to do anything like that, and nope –

We cannot do this without spirit help, because that is largely the point here and it just doesn’t get simpler and more obvious…

And that’s because we know roughly what we want, but if we don’t – one last spirit can guide us to understanding our desires and needs far better –

Bael – Brings us to understand our true needs and desires, then changes our thinking and actions so that we are pushed to recognize everything in our lives that needs to be changed in order to embrace and live a more ideal and fulfilling life.

None of this can happen if we are stuck in the past and are unwilling to change…

That won’t be the case as long as we are focused on our present worlds and are completely committed to making our futures and to achieving our long term goals –

It will all become drastically better as long as we push onward as hard and with every bit of effort we have, then shift our lives to making things far better and more satisfying than the past was.

Everything about our lives can and will change for the better…

As long as we are pointed in the right directions, with the spirits guiding us all along the way.

Create the ideal life using the Norse gods:

Using the demons:

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