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by admin on March 10, 2018

Wealth isn’t something most people understand.

Is it assets? Is it money? Is it having a lot of houses that pay you rent?

What. On. Earth. Is. It???

Now that you’re thoroughly bewildered, let’s work in reverse.

Let’s say a rich dude who owns a bunch of houses he rents out losses everything within one month.

He made $50,000 a month from rent (just an example), and he thinks he has wealth (assets).

When he loses everything, can he rebuild 80% of everything within 5 years?

I bet that he thinks he can’t. And even if he could, are those really assets?

Is he relying on markets being stable? Was he relying on those houses retaining their value?

What he didn’t realize was that he wasn’t directly using a skill to build up his wealth – he was relying on those physical rental properties the whole time to bring in his income.

Think about it.

Wealth is about having the skills that bring you those properties. If everything was lost tomorrow do you have the skills to rebuild from absolutely nothing?

I bet the rich dude doesn’t think like that.

Most people consider wealth to be the physical stuff. I have to disagree.

An earthquake hits, then maybe a tornado – how does that affect his wealth (his skills) when those rental properties become lost?

He literally has no assets or wealth considering that it was all lost over night. That’s not wealth. And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

How does magick relate to all of this?

Most of the time we don’t think about education as wealth, but it sort of is.

It’s a trade, it’s a skill.

You gain the foundation through school (some industries just rely on self knowledge), then blossom out that skill through your own hard work and grit – personal experience.

I guarantee that most people don’t remotely think of wealth in this way, and that’s sort of why most people don’t like to concentrate on using magick for money and wealth. Most don’t really see what’s going on – and that needs to change.

Most often they are guided to grow their skills, open their eyes to a new industry, or else increase their existing businesses in a way that makes them masters of their trade.

I’ve gone through many trials using magick to boost my money life and have seen it all when it comes to life giving me crap – especially when it came to developing myself and my work life.

I’ve seen businesses come and go, but where do they go to?

The ones who have a serious, long term skill just make their income from another location. They open another shop or work in some other way. Wealth is a skill, never the physical stuff that you have.

The physical stuff is only ever a byproduct of wealth.

So where do we go from here with our magick?

Work with the spirits to give you guidance to the right industry that you can master. If you’re already in a business then they can guide you to the right skills that you can use to boost your sales and thereby profit.

Did we go a different direction with wealth than expected?

That is likely because you had an erroneous definition of wealth from the start. Most businessmen do though, and that’s where the problem lies.

We try to model ourselves after those who are successful in the industries we want to flourish in, but what if wealth to them is different than how we think of wealth (and that’s literally the case).

All you have to do is shift your idea of how to become invaluable to people. Doesn’t matter if it’s at work or in a business.

How do you become so skilled in whatever it is that you’re doing that people simply cannot ignore you?

You enhance your skill set to the point that people gravitate to you and love your work.

Here are some spirits that can help you do that:

Andrealphus – Life breakthrough in relation to what business / career you should aim for.

Camio – Causes insight in relation to the skills you need to further your business / career.

Sallos – Increases understanding of our industries in relation to becoming a master of our trade.

Many people think that the idea of wealth only applies to business, but it is a parallel in the work world as well.

If one place fires you or lays you off, your skills are valuable to another place and they pick you up.

You might have to apply to that other place, but if you have no skills how is anyone ever going to see you as valuable? It doesn’t make sense.

So, really, this is about increasing your skills to the point that people cannot ignore, which in turn gives you financial freedom in very different ways than people think.

Didn’t think of wealth like that, did you?

This is why I’m certain that wealth turns out to be very different than what most people expect.

They’re looking for ideas and money to come out of thin air – if they even have spirits help them at all – and it just doesn’t work like that.

On my early trial of using magick to enhance my financial life I came across a new industry and was guided to the right people to learn from, modeling what they do, then I made it better. I learned and made my own system off that – skills that were, at the time, actually invaluable and I didn’t see it that way.

On my next run, I came across a supposedly saturated industry, but it was nothing like I thought. This industry was about hard work and grit. It had the illusion of being low barrier to entry (very easy to get into, but getting customers can be a pain), but it was very different than what most people think.

I had the very surreal realization in that second run that having amazing skills in a huge highly paid market was needed – crucial to getting basically anywhere in any industry.

Then on my latest attempt, I had the idea to do my ritual for hire site. I mastered open handed summoning (talking to the spirits directly) and got results for myself and others. This is not something that’s common, but I spoke to the spirits and did hundreds of rituals to gain mastery in my trade where doing what I do now isn’t even heard of.

That’s what I’m talking about; having skills so deep and rare that it seems unreal to others that what you do is possible.

Is it something that’s difficult or challenging?

Don’t think that way, or else it WILL be that way.

You see how this works?

Build up your skills and follow your gut (and the spirits) and see where that takes you.


Thinking about amping up your money life?

Need a financial breakthrough?

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