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by admin on June 2, 2018

Sometimes people just want a little money boost – other times they need a lot more help to make their lives better, and that’s fine, except for the fact that those small windfalls don’t often last very long – do they.

Here we have to decide what side we’re on – are we after quick money that can pay our bills and make us happy for the day – or are we in this for the long haul, looking for bigger and more stable growth over time, and that won’t happen if we’re concentrating on smaller money stuff.

It’s like trying to reach and earn a university degree but only focusing on the fact that you barely get by with each exam – each class.

That can’t last forever, and once you accidentally forget to take the final test just because you focused too  much on the early exams –  you know that you messed up and didn’t have your priorities straightened out.

This can be a nasty situation because you know you just didn’t think about anything correctly, but we have to change how we think as we move forward, and it’s just not going to be a thing that we make these massive mistakes with our financial life simply because we’re not paying attention – and the fallen angels can help us avoid all that bullshit.

Creating an ideal and more perfect financial life is about being more aware about of your money and removing your worry that the future won’t be so good.

We can’t excessively think about the past and project that crap into the future – and that’s why we’re going to get some help so that our financial futures are far better than what we had in the past…

Melahel – Brings us to make the perfect financial plan going forward so that everything is made much better; we create the perfect money life for us in a way that we could have never expected before, and that leads us building a well organized financial life.

Here we are not creating a short term boost with our money life – everything has to be spread out over time so that our enhancements to our finances stick long term – no temporary fixes here.

That’s why we have the angels guide us forward – we need their help to make sure all of our moves and adjustments going into the future don’t mess us up – and that’s perfectly reasonable considering that we can easily make better moves with our money, and making fewer stupid decisions is not all that difficult.

In those situations where we reflect and everything is just completely wrong, one spirit can help remove all the foolish decisions from our daily routines so that we can go forward intelligently with our money…

Eshaliah – Guides us to perfectly manage our money lives in a way that we remove all foolish thinking and decisions going forward; enables us to make perfectly good decisions with our finances so that all of our money decisions help us make a perfectly wise financial life.

It can be a tough moment of reflection when you think on the past and see all the crappy moves you made with your money.

Everyone doesn’t have to revolve around the negativity from your past – and we can make everything infinitely better, but we have to allow the angels to guide us forward so that we can assure ourselves that we are always making the right decision.

Other times we might just get small nudges from the angels that our choices from the past are trying to creep up on us, and that we might need to adjust our thinking just a tiny bit going forward so that our mindsets are completely focused and dialed into having a smart, abundant and financially sound future – and one more angel can help us achieve that…

Nenael – Shifts our mindsets so that we can think in full abundance and be completely aligned with a perfect financial plan that best fits our lives; we fully embody the best beliefs and and mindset that brings us to the next level financially.

When your mind is aligned to the perfect financial life and your money just doesn’t stop – ever.

We are reaching a much higher level in our money lives, and we have to embrace that smarter and wiser decisions going forward just brings everything forward to a new world – a new life, and we have to be on our toes to keep it all centered and squared away.

Many don’t even realize that the angels can be used to enhance their money lives like this, so we need to be grateful and appreciate that this is even possible – and you won’t believe the changes that happen to your money life over time as they guide your life into full prosperity and financial stability for years to come.

That’s not something many people can say about their lives and their money situations, but we can rely on the thought that the angels are on our side as long as we continue to be open to them helping them and we actively work toward a far more abundant financial future.


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