Creating incredible change and insight through mercury and neptune…

by admin on March 3, 2019

When we go the direction of wanting and actually – but not quite…

Creating the right change, and it only gets weirder and more sustained when everything just floats together –

But that has to be a thing that our lies, and the lives of others…just don’t completely make sense anymore…

Because it has to be a thing that our wonderful worlds split in half – and we each know that our boundaries and minds have to be expanded – because those internal deceptions, and manipulations just have to go away –

Even with the current changes made to the glorious technologies that help restore…

And nothing else really needs to be stated and said – because we need something like a life breakthrough to get everything within and outside…just jump started.

Our lives can flow and run much more smoothly – but only as long as we give the proper things…the right details with the most fitting spirits for the task…

Mercury (planetary spirit) – Expands your life by changing out your mindset and daily thoughts in such a way that you are thrown into a series of dynamic changes which also grant you deeply intense personal and internal insight – which then leads to a complete life transformation over a period of time.

Neptune (planetary spirit) – Enables incredibly deep and unexpected life shifts that force you to think more positively and constructively almost immediately, then guides your actions to be in completely alignment with your true life purpose where you can finally succeed and flourish in all the ways that you need and most matter to you.

These can be incredibly…not even tense, but interesting and turmoil ridden times that we have to drag ourselves through –

But what if we can make everything better just by virtue of understanding ourselves better over time – and that can be immediate if we just allow ourselves to comprehend our own issues far more.

I won’t say that life will immediately be better, but I will discuss more likely positive outcomes – and yes, all of this has to happen…almost anyway, and nope –

Life will never be the same, but for only good and growth related reasons that you will have to force your mind to acknowledge and accept along the way.


Create insane change using Greek spirits:

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