Creating harmony and balance in your life with magick…

by admin on January 6, 2019

Having balance and stability in your life as it relates to you and those around you is incredibly important.

Everyone strives to have peaceful balance in their lives, but what if you and those closest to you make it so that you almost feel emotional and mental disharmony –

Life can feel very chaotic and just out of sync with everything.

It’s not that we’re not trying – it’s that we don’t know how to put it all back together in a way that brings us deep life harmony.

This can have a deep resonating impact on how we act, how we think and how we carry ourselves around others – it affects every aspect of our lives in very deep ways that we just cannot neglect.

If you can remember a time in your life where you felt deep emotional serenity and peace in your life that was likely a time when you have strong balance and everything just felt right.

That’s what we’re trying to strive for here – harmony and balance in a way that our emotions and relations with others are just completely in synchronicity with a serene and peaceful life.

A couple spirits can help us with this…

Arathron (Olympic spirit) – Enables us to find emotional harmony in our lives; causes us to embrace peace and balance in our lives so that we have a very strong emotional foundation that challenging events and others in our lives cannot easily shake or damage.

Vevaliah (fallen angel) – Causes us to find deep emotional balance and peace in our lives; guides us to find deep serenity and personal peace so that outside events and people around us cannot shake our internal peace or cause us to be off balance.

Once you have that emotional peace it is actually quite difficult for events and others to bring you off balance.

That emotional harmony is not easy to shake once it’s in place – like dried cement; it just doesn’t budge once everything is firmly into place.

But you do need to wait for it to settle and to firm up a bit; and the same is true for emotional serenity.

We have to build up to that point – meditating on our own power to the point that absolute chaos around us cannot shake us.

There could be crazy events around us, and we likely have to deal with a least some of it, but we are able to deal with everything we need and still retain our emotional sanity without any fuss.

That is what true emotional harmony is – we don’t even feel off balance even when challenging moments come up.

Bringing others to feel and experience emotional serenity during trying times is the next step – and a very specific demon can help with that…

Paimon – Guides others to find their emotional serenity in a way that they develop and sustain emotional balance and peace, even during troubling periods that would otherwise derail them emotionally.

This is a very unique ability – to bring yourself to emotional control and stability and keep yourself in that state of being without any problems.
Others might almost think this is not possible, but that’s why we sometimes needs to help others help themselves figure out their own paths.

That might not seem like an obvious move – if we haven’t figured out our own spirituality can we help others? We can definitely help others as long as we are genuinely attempting to achieve that spiritual balance ourselves.

It’s those that don’t want anything to do with finding themselves spiritually that we have to watch out for – they are the ones that we cannot accept advice from; it just doesn’t make sense to accept advice from those who are almost spiritually blind themselves.

Being genuine with your life and finding yourself, your emotional and spiritual center, and wanting to help others – especially through the spirits – can be a very strong way to boost yourself and others along the way to personal discovery and alignment.

Once the spirits help you and those close to you find balance – you might be amazed at how different live feels for you and those around you.

It can be a night and day difference to be awake in a world full of spiritually asleep people who are so off balance they don’t know what’s up or down spiritually – and that’s the difference with us; we choose to be aligned and awake in a very asleep world.


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