Changing out a weak past for a powerful future through magick…

by admin on December 31, 2018

Nothing is worse than feeling and knowing in a small way that your past is somehow creating bad situations for you –

We all have small moments of weakness and frailty when it comes to confronting our past issues and mistakes…

But how would you feel if everything just came together in a much better and more positive way that you couldn’t even fathom could be possible –

Everything can be much better than you expect…

But only if you allow everything to come together in a drastically much stronger and more stable way – and a few spirits can help here –

Gefjun (Norse god) – Causes you to release from past problems, issues and anything else that holds you back from realizing your true self completely; guides you to become the best of yourself by aligning with who you truly are.

When you see and feel your genuine life purpose creep into your life –

Everything else just falls into place in a much more satisfying and reliable way that will last into the future…

And that’s nothing to take for granted considering that it takes a small bit of effort and thinking to change in the directions and ways that we need.

But other times you might just want a better life – meaning career, possibly your living situation…and other things in your life that just don’t feel aligned with who you truly are –

Sefyre (djinn) – Brings you to see and feel who you truly are so that you can finally break free from the past and create a new start in your life through a series of very powerful life shifts that brings you to wherever you need to be.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard…or even difficult –

Because as long as you have a positive outlook, and that’s based on consistent and prolonged effort over time…

Nothing will really hold you back from embodying and fulfilling your true destiny – whatever that may be.

If you really want to live a life that satisfies you in all ways that you can remotely fathom…

Then this is your next step, and almost nothing can prevent you from reaching the next level – as long as you work with a few choice spirits –

…everything should work out far better than just fine.


Change life for the better using the Norse gods:

With the djinn spirits:

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