Bringing in a more positive future through magick…

by admin on December 27, 2018

We never have to live a life of torture and continuous discomfort –

…and that pretty much goes for everyone on this planet – because we all know that a few simple, but in some cases larger actions…can cause huge shifts and drastic change in just a small amount of time.

It becomes very horrendously obvious in a very impacting period where we live out our dreams and visions for the future…

And then suddenly our lives and emotions become very rough and heavy, and nothing else makes sense but to plow forward into the next level…and welcome in our higher and better selves through some very simple but consistent effort –

Sometimes we might just need to flip everything into high gear, and that comes with a very exceptional but entirely worth while…

It just makes sense to push forward into whatever is coming next, and just dive into reality completely and head on without reservation, and a couple spirits can help us here –

Ptah (Egyptian god) – Changes our thinking so that our perceptions are almost completely positive and motivated to get life completely changed for the better, then guides us to know what we want out of life so that our feelings, minds and emotions are more aligned to where we need to be.

If we needed to change the pace of things and just embrace a new and bolder future…

Now was and is always the time for that to happen –

Because if you wait too long, everything just unfolds and deludes itself into becoming something so drastically and hellishly different.

Nothing really truly makes sense, and everything else just has to work out for the better in a very different way –

One more spirit can guide us into a very different way of thinking…

But we have to be the ones who make that first move toward a greater and brighter future – and one demon can help change our beliefs and actions in general so that we are far more tuned in to what we seriously and actually need in this life –

Aim – Develops our vision and mindset for the present and future so that we are more persistent toward our goals, with more balanced emotions and mental clarity so that we can focus in on what we need to do on a more consistent basis.

In the times where we feel lost with what we’re supposed to do – it might just be that we have to encourage ourselves to become better over time…

Then strive to become that person that we can see in our minds eye, because the alternative is nothing that we want to concentrate on – no think about –
And with everything else falling apart and in unbalanced flux…

We just have to reestablish where we’re going, and figure out how the future and everything else sort of fixes itself over time…as long as we’re working to attain and achieve all the things that we have set our minds on long term.

It all gets better over time, but with a small amount of spirit guidance along the way –

…we can reach, transcend and achieve everything that we’ve ever wanted – and none of it will feel out of reach.


Shift life for the better using the Egyptian spirits:

Using the demons:

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