Boosting your luck with the Sumerian spirits…

by admin on July 4, 2018

By now you know that luck can come and go in different ways.

You didn’t understand it before, but now you understand how the energy cycles affect that.

The mystery of this whole process so far is that we can literally offset our bad luck, neutralize it, and make it a little better – all with the spirits.

Can this be done yourself? Not really.

Trying to feel good during a low energy period (bad luck cycle) can feel like trying to make food when you have no ingredients – sometimes it’s possible, it’s just that we don’t see how the stuff in the refrigerator can make the stuff we want to eat.

That’s how bad luck can shift the way we look at things; we see things differently, often a little negatively, and it makes us feel like life isn’t so good.

Boosting your luck, in this sense, means to remove your nasty emotions so that you see things completely differently.

Does that mean things won’t go bad?

Even when we feel good, things go bad, so these energy cycles – and therefore luck cycles – are about managing our emotions better.

Can you boost your luck while in a high energy cycle (good luck cycle)?

Of course you can.

Your emotions get slightly better and you boost the amount of fortunate situations and serendipity that you experience – not complicated at all.

But here, we will concentrating on the Sumerian spirits…

Marduk – increases the situations of serendipity and fortune you experience, thereby increasing the amount of ‘lucky’ events that you experience. Mildly boosts your emotions (not enough to offset a low energy – bad luck cycle)

Here we now have to differentiate between serendipity and having positive emotions.

Previously we kind of went over how emotions basically shift our perception. You can technically have a good emotion day without having anything good actually happen to you.

Serendipity can technically happen on a bad emotion day – get an amazing parking space, you don’t get charged for an item at the store, people who tend to be cold are nicer to you, car gets fixed for a very good price etc.

For that whole day where you had a fortunate event happen, you can technically have mild or even slightly negative emotions. That good luck event sort of shifted everything, but im showing you here that good luck and emotions are connected, but are sort of different.

To increase your emotions and make those better, especially during low energy cycles, we can use…

Aruru – enhances your emotions, especially during challenging times (low energy cycles – can offset the negative emotions)

This is the spirit that can really turn things around for you.

You know those low moments can seriously ruin a good moment, and she is perfect for flipping how you feel so that you can appreciate the moment.

So if you have fortune flowing and the emotions enhanced, this combination can be amazing for shifting a bad luck cycle and flipping your circumstances to become drastically better.

Is it alright to use an emotional enhancer if you feel you don’t want a luck boost?


This also works in reverse, if you wish to enhance your serendipity but don’t necessarily need to feel better emotions – it just works out.

Not everyone is the same, and that’s why different spirits target different things, but these two can definitely help you, whatever your current energy cycle might be.


Boost your luck with the Sumerians:

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