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by admin on December 29, 2018

There are plenty of reasons why we might need to shift and bend time and space in order to make life smoother for us.

We may want events to go by faster, situations to slow down…and other events to just disappear if possible – and with the spirits all of that is completely possible.

This is not how most people think of magick – changing around perception, time and space in order to make life a little less crazy – but it works and very few know how to make this happen with the spirits.

Shifting our perception and making certain events go by faster is a very interesting phenomenon that we sometimes just want to happen – and the opposite can be true for those moments we want to last forever.

It’s partially a shift in how we see and experience the world – the spirits change our perception so that everything feels a bit slower or faster.

That’s a very unique way to work with spirits, but it can make events that we just don’t want to be part of speed by – and it can make other moments that we want to slow down and enjoy more seem like they last for quite a bit longer than we might expect..

This is about making life a bit easier, and in some cases far more memorable.

Two spirits can help bend time in ways that you might have never thought possible…

Erebus (Greek spirit) – Enables events of your choosing to speed up in a way that causes you to experience them faster; they just fly by and don’t really feel like they lasted for very long at all.

Omael (fallen angel) – Causes you to feel certain situations slower; you experience everything slowed down with all the good and memorable moments changing to be a bit more intense so that you can enjoy everything and remember it all for later.

This can be a very creative set of powers to use when you want some events to just go away, and others to last in your memory forever.

It can be a frustrating thing to want to remember an event, but only remember details of the event that you didn’t want to be part of.

That doesn’t have to happen to us, but it happens to far more people than anyone cares to admit – and it doesn’t need to be that way.

The next level to this is shifting reality so that certain events come into our lives, or other unfavorable situations simply disappear.

This is a pretty big thing, and it’s actually possible as long as you have the spirits guide you and your actions as you go along day by day.

Some events don’t have to happen at all as long as we make certain decisions.

This is also about making wise choices and preventing regret later when we realize we couldn’t have made a choice that attracted a good event versus deciding foolishly and being part of something we want nothing to do with.

It’s also the difference between wanting an event to slow down to savor it rather than have it speed up so that you can get on with life.

Those unfavorable situations don’t need to happen, and one last spirit can help us avoid those and attract the good stuff through wiser thinking and decision making…

Crocell – Guides you to think and act in a way that you attract all the good situations into your life and avoid all events that you don’t want any part of; enables you to prevent deep regret with your life choices so that you are bringing in more favorable situations and events into your life without being part of all the regrettable stuff that you never wanted to be part of.

This can be a very monumental power in terms of acting and thinking wiser, thereby creating smarter situations for yourself.

We’ve all accidentally said things that caused us to be part of events and situations that just didn’t resonate with us at all.

We have all also done things that we didn’t mean to that led us to be part of other situations and stuff that we just completely regretted and wanted no part of.

It didn’t have to happen, but we somehow brought ourselves that event, situation…whatever it is, and it seriously wasn’t a good thing.

It’s not that we weren’t thinking – it’s that we couldn’t see the full ramifications of our thinking and choices at the time to pretty a crappy situation from happening.

The situations aren’t so bad, but many times they bring enough discomfort that we really just don’t to get away from it all – and now we know how to do that.

Now we literally have the tools to slow down and speed up time, and also shift ourselves out of situations and bring ourselves into whatever events that we actually want to be part of.

None of that is small, and it can be a lifesaver for those who hate feeling deeply regretful about their choices and wasting their time on events and situations that they just don’t want to be part of.

The spirits can help us shift time and reality in very creative and unique ways here – and now we just have to be conscious enough to know when we need their help so that we can attract and extend the good moments, and avoid the seriously bad moments as much as humanly possible.


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