Bending and shifting our lives to get what we need and want using magick…

by admin on November 3, 2018

Reality can be very obscure and weird at times.

But that does not mean that we have to settle for less, or even agree and accept that our lives have to stay at any single place – just stuck, idle or just outright not really where we want anything to be –

If you thought back to the moments in your life where you messed up…those would carry some nasty images and heated emotions…

And no one wants to deal with any of that crap, because it can hurt – but we can change and shift our worlds and lives for the better, and out of whatever negative situations we have going on –

Because it does not matter that our lives are so contorted and disfigured – and we almost need surgery to fix up all the damage that’s been going on.

When the time comes and we need a clear and clean resolution, a few very different spirits can help out here…

Lecavel (fallen angel) – Brings us to see and fully understand how our lives can be made better through small but life changing thoughts and actions that bring us and those around us (if applicable) to the next level in achievement, success and everything else we desire out of life in general.

Once the flood gates have been opened and you’re looking at the potential of your new life – you will know and understand what it means to be a self actualized human being.

Because all of that stuff is just right around the corner, and nothing is out of reach, because it cannot be out of reach – and it just goes to prove that our lives and destinations are nothing compared to how good it can be when we know what we want out of this life…

When it all just makes sense, and the problems somehow just aren’t that big of a deal – largely because we know how to manage and resolve all of that –

We also suddenly understand that our lives and missions in general have nothing to do with the small horrible problems, issues and conflicts that we have dealt with for so long.

And all of that has to change for the better, and one more spirit can guide us into greater personal happiness and a better life in general – as long as we are open to that guidance and assistance from these gods and spirits…

Priapus (Greek spirit) – Shifts our thinking and actions so that we are nearly immediately embracing and understanding what success and happiness truly mean for us, then guides us to understand and know that our worlds and lives can be the best possible through simple actions that we take on a daily basis.

None of this has to ever be a problem, but it can easily seem like a problem when our worlds are changing and others resist the fact that we want to be better people.

When the world fully shifts out and we are left with the option of staying the same or changing for the better…who in the world would stay the same if you knew the same past problems were going to pop up?

That makes no sense, but we have to understand that life can be made far better than we might have ever thought possible –

But we still have to wake up and comprehend that our life purpose and personal fulfillment – that feeling and idea that we aren’t doing anything wrong or bad…

All of that is just made incredibly better, and you don’t have to be doubtful about your future, because you know it’s already changing – because you chose to change, and everything got better.

That’s what happens when you deal with the spirits head on, and it doesn’t get worse – everything has to change for something more positive and…dare I say something you can actually be proud of, because we all have to deal with our lives and challenges separately but together, and it just gets insanely crazier over time –

But none of that has to be remotely an issue or a problem, because we know we’re already changing to make everything and hopefully…

…all the people and things around us the best they can possibly be, just by being ourselves – and embracing that the spirits can guide and help us in ways that others might think is literally outrageously impossible.


Shift your life using the fallen angels:

Using Greek spirits:

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