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by admin on August 29, 2018

This is a big one for all businessmen and entrepreneurs.

How do you become a successful entrepreneur right out the gate?

The answer is…you don’t!

That’s right. It’s a bit different than 99.99% of businessmen think because it is not what you think, it’s the experience.

We’re talking about the experience of failing so much and dusting ourselves off when things become shit that we actually know and appreciate success when we see and feel it.

We just get it.

This is not a motivational message to get you to fail into success – nothing like that.

This is about getting you into the right gear so that you are making the right choices faster, and making foolish decisions never.

There is a big difference between an entrepreneur going in to figure things out the hard way (without careful planning and expert skill in their trade) and an entrepreneur who has figured out the lessons before he went into business, and doesn’t need to learn them through losing money.

This is beyond a night and day difference, honestly.

This is like getting your food cooked by your uncle who barely knows how to cook versus getting it from the guy who knows what the hell he’s doing down the street; one kind of knows what they’re doing and is experimenting, likely failing a lot in the process, and the other has mastered the process.

A difference so huge, businesses rise and fall based upon this simple fact.

This is nothing complicated, and it’s so simple it almost hurts when most businessmen finally see it.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is about jumping in head first when you have the tools and skillset to support whatever venture you are starting.

Nothing less, nothing more.

Let’s have some spirits guide us on this…

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Aids your journey in becoming a successful entrepreneurial; you are propelled forward with insight, success, mindset, persistence and all the other attributes needed to become successful.

Lehachiah (fallen angel) – Develops your mindset and success so that you embody all the traits of a successful entrepreneur.

Vual – Creates the perfect mindset for success; helps you embody all the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

These spirits help develop your understanding of what within you needs to change and why; you will know how you will have to change and shift your thinking to literally model success in every way.

The pitfall here is that you cannot go forward without a solid definition of success – what does being a successful entrepreneur mean to you?

If you don’t have that, you might as well just find a job to work on – because there at least you’ll have someone giving you direction.

These spirits, namely Vual and Lehachiah, help you create your own definition of success so that you can pursue, embody it, and dominate it – something that very few, if any, businessmen really understand.

Shub-Niggurath can help you understand your success path as it relates to finding long term purpose for you and your business.

Understanding yourself and your role in your own business life is crucial to moving forward.

Who are you and why are you in business?

Those are crucial questions for any entrepreneur to ask themselves prior to defining their own success.

This is big – kind of one of those moments that defines who are you and you’re going in general.

Business can be your path, but don’t make it your life.

Let the spirits guide you so that you always understand who you are during every step along the way.


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