Attracting the perfect love match through magick…

by admin on May 7, 2018

Here we go tackling one of the biggest challenges this universe has to offer.

How do you use spirits to attract your ideal love match – and what to do to get everything into motion.

This is not a small thing we’re doing here. Once this person is in your life, everything can feel complete.

For some it can mean the difference between happiness and not knowing when they’ll be coming into your life – which can feel like torture sometimes when we feel like we shouldn’t be single.

We’re dealing with something that we cannot take lightly, and when others toss it around like it’s no big deal – we have to tune them out because we’re serious about what we’re after, and if they’re not – that’s their loss.

Once the spirits are involved in our love lives everything just starts to feel like it’s going to work out.

Even when you’re partner isn’t with you yet – you start to feel like everything is slowly aligning, and it suddenly won’t matter that you aren’t with them yet. They know how to tune you in so that you are focused on other things while they slowly bring you two together in some extremely unexpected way – which is how it normally happens.

When we talk about love and finding our match, it’s almost never what we expect – but that has to be how it is, or else we might obsess over it, and that won’t do us any good.

That is why the spirits often make us feel at ease with where we are – we are suddenly able to attract them into our lives swiftly and easily, and it doesn’t take much effort to get things going once they’re here.

A couple spirits can help here…

Cupid (Greek spirit) – Shifts your mindset and mood so that you are distracted from thinking about your potential partner, then attracts them into your life unexpectedly so that everything just comes together.

Gaap – Attracts your ideal love match in a very unexpected way so that you are not dwelling on being single or not having a partner; causes you to be focused on the things that matter most in your life so that your love match can enter in an unexpected way.

Everyone tends to feel at ease when they’re partner is in their lives – regardless of all the potential drama they bring – it just tends to be worth the wait.

But what about the period right before they arrive – why can’t we feel at ease with a bit of relaxed expectation.

It doesn’t need to be so tense and anxious right before everything happens, and it just doesn’t work like that anyway.

We get distracted and have to focus on other things because life just moves on and even when we feel they’re coming, we tend to be very shocked that this is the person we’ve attracted in.

There also comes a time however, when we want to attract the person into our lives and we want them to reach out to us.

We might not be in a position to easily date or talk to others in a way that brings us our partner – a lot of people just can’t remotely consider or think about dating – it feels like torture and a waste of time to them.

The upside here is that we can get one last spirit to just get your partner to come to you in a way that doesn’t require you to really go out of your normal routine to find them – or for them to find you…

Aniel – Causes your love match to enter your live in a way that doesn’t cause you to break out of your routine; they just come into your life randomly and everything takes off without you really understanding how everything came together so quickly and unexpectedly.

This can cause a major life shift for you – to finally have them in your life is not a small thing.

But this can lead to much bigger and greater things for you and them, and we have to think of this as something that benefits you both long term – you both are entering a long term thing here and it’s not a minor thing at all to want everything to come together smoothly.

But that’s what the spirits can offer, and that’s what Aniel, Gaap, and Cupid can offer as well – deep certainty that they are coming into your life in a very startling way that will make you both very happy going into the future.


Attract your love match using the Greek spirits:

Using the demons:

The angels:

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