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by admin on July 20, 2018

In the journey of pushing your money life to the maximum potential, we often discover several challenges holding us back.

It can be vaguely torturous to attempt to create a better money situation in general for us – but that is for most of society and now we can safely and comfortably say that we have help from the spirits and that our journey toward greater abundance doesn’t have to be so crappy and discomforting.

That pain that most people feel when they push themselves to the limit – whether they try to make themselves better at work or in their businesses – can be the most drudging experience because we may or may not receive financial payout from out efforts; a promotion or increase in profits – and yet we know we still have to keep going.

It’s honestly time to stop with the work that shows no yield – the pain and torment of trying to push yourself to become better so that you can create a better financial situation for yourself – none of that has to happen, and we can have our spirit allies help us actually move forward in a productive way with our money so that the future doesn’t look so tedious and grim.

We’re not attempting to make this journey without the effort – it has to be made with conscious and constructive movement going forward, but we can have the spirits guide us perfectly so that we miss and avoid all the shitty accidentally we might normally make, thereby making the process far smoother for us.

Slamming our lives into a higher financial gear so that we  have greater income and happiness is our goal, and it won’t be difficult at long as we have the right guidance, movement and mindset going into the future.

This is not as challenges as most people think – it can be rough at times, but that’s life, and we just need to power through the bullshit situations that can hold us back at times.

It’s not that bad when you have the right knowledge and perfect guidance from the spirits – they never give you the wrong direction when you need help, and it can be deadly useful in situations where you would normally be stuck.

The time is ripe for change, and we now need to push forward in the direction of financial competence, far greater abundance and cash flow, and a much stronger financial situation in general – and several spirits can help with this…

Morpheus – Develops our understanding of our finances so that we have a far stronger budget, general cash flow, and better growth of our money situation overall so that we are never behind with our finances.

The days of being behind on your bills are over – once you have a dose of financial wisdom thrown into your life, the spirits can guide you into a far smarter money situation than you could have ever imagined.

We can build a better financial strategy over time as long as we make wise moves with our money, the earlier the better – and as long as we stay consistent with stronger finances we cannot lose later in life when we might want to splurge more on luxuries and other fun things.

Another Greek spirit can guide us into stronger finances in a way that most likely don’t consider…

Plutus – Causes you to understand and develop your money situation such that you are able to completely further your career or business to bring it the next level; guides you to grow your income in a very powerful way so that your financial future is suddenly much stronger.

If you want a much more stable, abundant and plentiful cash situation – then you need to develop yourself, your skills and your mindset in a way that you can rely on your talents going into the future such that your career can legitimately provide for you, even in your elder years.

It also doesn’t matter what the next level for you entails – if you are looking for a promotion in your job, or an increase in customers in your business, the spirits can guide you in very unique ways to stand out and become the best of yourself so that you can achieve the most possible out of your financial life.

Shifting your mindset is one thing, but knowing what to do at the right time, at all times, so that you are never stuck in another another thing entirely – and one more spirit can help you with this…

Marluk – Brings you to see exactly what actions you need to take in order to develop your financial goals long term; enables you to see the wisest financial moves so that you are never spending unnecessarily and you always have extra cash on hand.

Having extra money in hand to use on whatever you want can be an incredible thing because it shows that your finances are in order – it’s not something to disregard as mere chance that your situation isn’t actually getting better.

That’s how a lot of people get worst rather than better with their finances – they think of everything that happens as mildly negative and they don’t actually move forward, and that can seriously suck and hold back our development.

We don’t want to think that way because it’s obvious that a mindset of negativity and lack will hold us back – and it’s just not healthy to be like that anyway.

If we really want to get better, we actually have to try to get better – and with guidance from very particular Greek spirits we can do that – and one final spirit can guide us to bring everything together so that we have no confusion going forward…

Dionysus – Deepens our understanding of our finances so that we are not caught off guard by issues or problems that may arise and grants us the wisdom and intelligence to make all the necessary moves to create the best possible finances for us. We are also guided to discover all possible ways to maximize our cash flow and income through all relevant means.

The essence of a better financial life is and has always been eliminating wasteful spending, enhancing and developing wiser thinking so that you don’t mess up  your money, and generally just strategizing for long term growth.

Pushing our finances in the way that we are here is a very drastic change – one that the spirits can happily help us with – we just need to do our part and follow their guidance in a way that follows their advice, and that will be the simplest step of all.

It’s not difficult or challenging to push yourself and your money situation to the max while you grow and evolve your skills so that you can be of greater value to those you serve in your career or business.

We are now pulling ourselves into that next level of financial abundance, and that in turn creates a far stronger financial future – and this can happen if we allow the spirits to guide us to that higher level.


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