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by admin on December 21, 2018

Sometimes a situation can get so outrageous that we think it’s not possible to achieve.

These can be insane situations where the odds just seem completely against us – and yet we have to somehow get past it even when it doesn’t seem reasonable that it can all come together.

If you can envision the end result, then you can make it happen – with a tiny bit of spirit guidance.

These are not impossible situations, but they can feel like that – and the fact that it feels like the odds are completely against you makes it appear impossible, but it isn’t.

If others have done similar to what you want to achieve – then this is no problem.

Even if you don’t know anyone else who has done this, it is not possible that no one can do what you’re trying to accomplish – it’s just not reasonable.

There have been several other moments in life where things felt crazy and nearly impossible – but they always turned out well.

It’s just not reasonable to think that you can’t do it, or that it’s too out of reach to try.

It also doesn’t matter what the thing is – if you have any feeling that is within reach as long as you work toward it over time, then there is no problem. You just have to work toward the goal over time.

This is almost like feeling like a university degree is impossible to achieve when you’re in middle school.

It just doesn’t feel reasonable to think that you can get into university – it feels too out of reach – how does anyone reach a goal like that.

But that’s how it always is; it literally feels like it out of reach – like it’s impossible – then you just work your way toward the goal over time, and you finally have it.

It’s no different than most other large goals in life – and the spirits know how to get us there with the proper effort…

Cahetal (fallen angel) – Fully understand how to reach a goal in a reasonable way that allows you to work toward it over time without any confusion; you are guided to eventually achieve the goal.

Yeretel (fallen angel) – Enables you to fully comprehend how a massive goal can be achieved through steps that happen over time; allows you to see that the goals is completely reasonable and allows you to see the exact path to reach it.

Working toward your goal doesn’t have to be a chore – as long as you know what steps to take over time it will eventually just happen for you.

This is not about trying to achieve everything overnight – which is impossible.

It is about reaching your larger goal through smaller steps over time so that nothing is really unreasonable when it comes to achieving what you really want – and that’s what this is about.

If you want it, you will discover the steps to achieve it.

People label goals and events impossible, but that’s not how it works because people achieve the impossible every hour if that’s the case – the others just don’t know what they’re talking about.

We know we can do it with manageable smaller steps that we reach over time, and that’s just how each level is achieved – nothing unreasonable whatsoever.

This is how our last spirit can help us – guiding us to achieve larger goals so that we don’t lose motivation and our vision to achieve the goal over time…

Bael – Guides us to understand exactly how to achieve a longer term goal through enriching your long term vision to attain that goal and enhancing your motivation and persistence to achieve it over time; you just don’t lose vision and focus on your goal, even if takes month or years to attain.

These are incredibly powerful spirits helping us out here – they can guide you by enhancing your focus over time so that losing your vision and getting distracted is not a thing.

Once you zero in on what you want, it can be incredibly empowering to persist toward that goal and eventually reach the finish line.

That’s what a lot of society doesn’t do, and it needs to change – focus on a goal for a longer stretch of time until they get it.

We can’t just focus on the shorter term stuff, or else we’ll be stuck achieving lesser goals that literally don’t satisfy us longer term.

Giving up means that we don’t get what we really want – and many just don’t pursue any goal aggressively enough to do anything differently – and that’s just not how we’re going to do thing.

This is about keeping concentration until we have the goal in hand – settling for nothing less.

We can reach the goal pretty simply, as long as you have our spirit allies guiding us along the way.


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