Developing your money life and just creating something better out of a not so good situation is pretty simple and easy once you have the spirits guiding you.

This is a brutal fact for the people who just don’t believe in angels and demons – but randomly start believing because of personal reasons, and suddenly enough life gets magically better, and they can’t believe that it was the spirits that made the difference.

We can’t take this lightly at all, and it was always a thing to treat very serious guidance and help like the spirits can provide with practical merit.

They were always here for us, but we have to reach out to them in a way that causes our lives to get better – because their entire purpose is to help humanity get better, and they don’t need to be treated as something that is only for the well off in society, or the elite.

That never meant anything, and it is weird to suggest that the spirits only help those who are already wealthy and doing well – that’s just bogus and lies. No one really believes that, and it’s like our finances; when we have a known limiting belief, we just have to let go of all of that shit and move on.

Finding our money breakthrough is as simple as allowing some spirits to guide us forward, and one very powerful money spirit can guide you into a brand new life…

Anubis – Guides you into understanding your financial situation perfectly in a way that develops your cash flow and allows you to aligns life purpose and career so that you don’t have confusion later in life.

This is not a power to take for granted – once you have that knowledge of what you need to do, and how to do it, you can make your life infinitely better by allowing in some clarify through some very crafty and powerful spirits.

Once that is started up, you can make yourself a lot stronger and far better off because of your renewed vision for the future, which likely isn’t what you thought.

The spirits can bend time and shift your world into something that you actually want to be part of – but that doesn’t mean it has to be harsh, and the next spirit can guide you into a much smoother path of successful finances…

Amun – Destroys the idea within you that you can’t have a good money situation, and that a better income with a far better career and money life in general is perfectly reasonable and within reach.

Some might not even consider that their past limiting beliefs hold them back, but when it comes to developing and sustaining your money situation and wealth – you have to have a long term strategized approached so that everything gets much better for you in a way that it won’t fall apart with small foolish decisions that might normally derail your entirely life.

That is how some people approach money and their finances in general, and always think that they have to stay in a negative situation, likely with debt that never ends. And it doesn’t have to be like that because the spirits can help out a lot when it comes to very nasty money and debt situations.

One thing that people don’t really confront enough is the negative past aspects of their finances and that can lead to a very bad situation later when things just aren’t resolved, but you need to move on with your life – but your finances feel like they’re holding you back.

Our last spirit can help you deal with all financial setbacks and horrifically deep negative situations with your finances in a way that you can find you life and financial breakthrough – likely at the same time…

Horus – Brings you to see how your finances and life in general can transform into an amazingly positive situation, no matter where you are starting from; enables you to see how your finances can be far more abundant so that your life in general becomes far more successful and better.

This might be the final frontier for some people, and that is saying something considering that most don’t even think of their old financial burdens as anything that can be fixed.

It’s almost a stupid way to think in a way, and not really something that will bring you anywhere in life in general – which is horrible and just not good to have in your mind as you go forward.

We’re not going through a small change here, and that’s not what a full life transition and success is all about. We have to embrace deep change, and with our finances this comes as a deep awakening and nothing will feel or be the same once the spirits guide us forward and take complete charge of our lives.


Find your financial breakthrough using the Egyptian spirits:

Need some direction with your money life?


One of the most confusing and frustrating moments in life is when you have that idle feeling of not knowing how to get going – and it just doesn’t end.

This can be a tough period to beat considering that you just don’t know what can help you move forward – but it can be an eye opening awakening when you finally understand what you need to do.

It’s not that we don’t have the capacity to figure this out on our own, we just don’t get how to get to that conclusion without a tiny bit of direction.

When the spirits guide you it’s not a question that everything comes together in the most unpredictable ways sometimes – and it’s not something you can foresee, especially the smaller steps that lead to that final result.

We just need to allows the spirits to guide us a bit so that we’re not so lost with what we’re supposed to do.

Think of this like being completely lost on a drive somewhere – and you know you  need to ask for directions, but a stubborn part of you just wants to do it yourself without any help.

It does not benefit us or anyone else involved to be that stubborn person that stays lost because they don’t want to seek out a bit of assistance on something so simple.

The realizations we get from those situations can be life changing – but the information they hold might be the simplest stuff we could have ever thought of.

It might just be something like concentrating on a different work industry, or changing your job.

If you don’t see the change that you need to make, you just need the spirits to guide you to whatever you need to do to get unstuck, and that’s not really negotiable at this point.

None of us want to be that person stuck wandering open roads aimlessly because they’re still lost and don’t have it in mind to ask for simple directions on how to navigate life – it’s just not reasonable to be in that position and stay in that position long term.

Once you realize that this is the right move and that being stuck just isn’t a good place to be, a couple spirits can help guide you…

Aeolus (Greek spirit) – Enables you to discover exactly what you need to know so that you no longer feel stuck and confused; guides you to understand exactly what you need and where you go from here so that you just have direction going forward.

Iyahel (fallen angel) – Causes you to have a startling realization about where you need to go in life so that you have no more confusion going into the future; guides you to see what you need to do going forward and how exactly you need to move to get where you need to be.

Reality can be very easy to navigate when you have the spirits guiding you – and a situation like feeling stuck and confusion about life direction is a perfect chance to let them show you what they can do.

It doesn’t matter how deep your confusion is – once you have the realization, that’s all you need and everything becomes clear.

It’s kind of like not knowing a school subject at all until you get some classroom guidance – then you finally understand everything that confused you before.

We don’t have to remain in ignorance about what we need to do – it’s about seeking help when needed – and we all know that getting help from certain sources as we move through life is just how it works; there’s no confusion about that.

The problem lines in the moments where we make everything difficult – we just don’t know how to make things simple, and that’s where confusion and frustration arise, and it’s just not good.

But getting help from sources like the spirits and having them guide you forward can be extremely rewarding and likely becomes a journey you never stop.

In moments where you have life direction but are confused about specific things or steps that you need to take, one final spirit can help…

Astaroth – Enables you to understand the next step and why you were confused; guides you to move forward in a way that perfectly aligns with what you’re supposed to do.

When life finally makes sense, everything becomes a lot clearer and you just get where you need to go faster than ever – and that isn’t something most people can say about their lives.

Even in situations where you feel ultra stuck and nothing feels like it’s working out, it can be a  welcomed relief to finally see everything come together so easily.

For others who just can’t get going and refuse to seek out help so that they can just move somewhere – it can be a frustrating mess to see them go through that; but you have to keep in mind that we don’t have to be like them.

We can easily seek out guidance and it’s not really a problem for us to have the spirits show us what the next step is.

Life is already hard at times and in situations where others want to make it harder – we can work with the spirits to resolve any confusion or problems we have, and life just becomes that much better.


Get unstuck using Greek spirits:

Using the fallen angels:

Using the demons:

Need something else?


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