Wanting the highest that you can possibly achieve is no problem –

And that is especially true when our lives are made to change and shift in very awesome and dynamic ways – likely because we have some spirits guiding us along.

Nothing can be farther from the truth than that we are stuck where we currently are, and it’s not a problem to flip things around to make it all better –

Because I and others know full well what the demons and Old Ones can do – and this is going to make it all just…almost nonsensically better –

Paimon (demon) – Changes your mindset, actions and thinking to completely align with success in all ways that matter most, then brings you the understanding of what you can most achieve and guides you to push into attaining the highest goals possible.

Nyarlathotep (the Old Ones) – Guides you to be incredibly positive and persistent toward realistic goals and achievements that changes your life forever, then changes your thinking to be focused and targeted and working toward your larger longer term goals long term.

We can hope and pray all day that are lives change –

Or we can actually do something tangible and meaningful about it all, and nothing will be so violently off track than those around us that never wanted a good life – and thereby never aimed to achieve anything higher than idle meaningless reality…

And that’s not even a lie or secure truth for them, because they wanted something far richer and deeper to be had, and it just could not be a thing that our lives – emotions and mental health were somehow off track simply because we could not easily achieve our goals in good time.

Which is technically lies and slander against our souls, because we could always do better, but it had to happen this way – because big brother and not even sister…

Those devils of the hills beyond the far off skies wanted us to stay the same – and nope – that could not remotely happen, and it just has to become a thing that our internal lives and not even lies –

Helped us see that reaching out to the spirits of this world and land were one of the only viable ways forward and beyond – trekking into the sunset through our aspirations and goals, and only stopping to appreciate how deeply different everything had become…

Because the demons and the Old Ones could help all those who seek that very particular and powerful aid and guidance, but it must be stated that I wouldn’t have wanted this journey any other way – but with pure spirits guidance.


Achieve the impossible using the demons:


The Old Ones:


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When we speak about things that aren’t technically completely –

…we almost always know when the future is uncertain, but our lives and emotions are not so undeveloped.

And that cannot make for an uncertain emotion in us and others…

Because that leads to apocalypse and other very uncertain and calculated events that do and do not make complete sense –

I also wanted to dig deep to know what it meant to experience great and extreme luck and fortune…

But all of that was almost thrown the fuck out, and it just could not be anything abnormal to ask for and receive – incredibly significant advice and guidance without the help of the gods –

And if we really honestly and truly…wanted to dig deep – this is what it would give us…

Plutus (Greek spirit) – Changes your life through drastic and extreme changes to your thinking and mindset, then guides you through a series of insanely deep life shifts that enable you to understand that your life is much better, and that everything is just getting better with lots of moments of luck and insane fortune thrown in.

Jupiter (planetary) – Causes you to feel and think in terms of positivity, luck and success – and everything just gets better immediately and over time and nothing is ever the same, but in insanely different and positively better ways than you could ever imagine.

The instant that these spirits start to work in your life – you will know that everything has to become drastically and dynamically better –

Because it matters that we and others know that our world and perception is increased to the maximized power and level that we have earned…

And if the world should fall apart right at this moment, none of us are out of place – and everything is completely within reason –

But without any seriously unexpected negative consequences along the way.

Our success and limitations and growth – all become different after this point, but it matters that we focus on the right things, and that our minds and thoughts and lives are just focused on whatever it is that matters the most –

Because as long as these spirits are guiding us into a grander, higher and much more amplified state of existence – then we all will know that we are perfectly fine, but only because we know the spirits are helping us along the way.


Create the impossible with the Greek spirits:


Using the planetary spirits:


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