The causes of internal angst and frustration as the years go on can be very confusing.

But we have to keep in mind that most of society just keep in those old lingering issues for years and sometimes decades – to the point that our present life feels very awkward and disjointed…

Almost completely bent out of shape, where everything just feels contorted, and we know the past is lurking right behind us.

If only we knew a way to get past everything, without having to struggle and smash our lives apart in order to make it ahead –

And it doesn’t have to take much effort whatsoever to lift ourselves out of these internal and mentally draining ruts…such that we don’t think we can enjoy life anymore.

A few spirits can help us detox and release from the past, and it can happen in surprisingly subtle ways –

Aruru – Causes us to safely and quickly reflect over our past problems so that we can completely release from whatever holds us back in terms of mental and emotional lingering issues.

These can be very intense periods of mental self reflection…

So we have to have the spirits guide us through it in the most positive and hopefully efficient ways possible.

If you cannot handle a brief period, or even series of moments where you reflect and have some very helpful and powerful spirits guide away your past traumas and issues…

Then I have one more spirit for you that can guide you through things in a much more subtle, yet effective and very creative way –

Dumuzi – Enables you to passively and indirectly see your problems in a way that allows you to release from past negativity and anything that continues to trouble you; you are then guided to understand the problems and why they came about, thereby releasing from them through a mental and emotional detox.

Though this obviously is not a shallow period of thinking over the past and your problems –

You have to consider that our lives and the next stage of our mental growth starts with us being able to handle the fact that our emotional and mental well being can be greatly amplified…

Then suddenly things aren’t so bad, and we finally get that letting go of past problems can be incredibly intense – but entirely worth the effort.

But that is sadly what too many people do not get, and we have to understand how our lives and mental worlds become over time if we do not move on and release from those problems that should have been let go of too long ago – and that can make for some incredible change…

As long as you have a few spirits guiding you along your path to releasing and detoxing from the past – nothing can really stop you from living a better life.


Clear away past negativity with the Sumerian spirits:

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In those moments where your world feels completely shaken and rocked by something crazy titanic and large –

It might not appear or feel reasonable to call for positive change right at this moment…

But in these moments of intense emotions and mental confusion – we can pull ourselves out of the frustration with a few very crafty and powerful spirits who are well versed with outrageous situations that leave us completely resolved and far better off than we could have ever imagined –

Bethor – Guides us to understand our life and whatever major problems we have fully in a way that brings us to overcome any challenges that we may face in the present and near future.

If you can imagine yourself without these huge challenges blocking you from the next level –

Then you might imagine yourself with far fewer road blocks and a lot more freedom..

Because you know how much better life can get once everything comes together after all of your problems are almost completely resolved – and one more spirit can guide you during times of increased stress.

Welfur – Develops your ability to handle stress on a routine basis so that you are not overwhelmed with your problems and issues that might come up, even if they are massive challenges that might normally bring you into weakness and confusion.

It does not take much effort to bring you into the next level, and that is crucial to our understanding of what is possible –

We just have to keep in mind that our problems are never really so enormous that our lives feel completely out of alignment…

And the world is not technically against us – so we can drop that thinking right away.

Nothing is so tragic and bad as someone genuinely thinking that their lives and problems make up their entire realities –

Which cannot be the case because we have to rely on happy and good moments to bring us forward, and that won’t necessarily happen…

Unless we take charge of our lives, and bring ourselves to the next level through positive forward movement – with the spirits guiding us along the way.


Resolve your issues with the Olympic spirits:

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