Attracting your soulmate with magick…

by admin on February 19, 2019

For some – this is it, and that cannot be understated –

But it might be over estimated…because we almost never know what it takes to bring in that special and very important person in our lives.
Often we can feel as if life isn’t going in the directions that we initially wanted everything to focus –

And that might likely be due to the fact that we are generally so on top of all the right but wrong things and topics in our lives…

Which isn’t a sad thing, but it is a very lucratively obscene thing that makes no direct sense whatsoever –

And that is why we need to bring in some very choice, but powerful spirits who can help us push and pull apart the nonsense – and get that loving part of our lives back on track –

Aniel (fallen angel) – Guides your thinking and mindset to make you completely ready to meet your ideal partner, then brings in your most compatible romantic lover for an emotionally deep and loving relationship; has the potential to last long term.

Sallos (demon) – Enables you to see what exactly you need to do in order to meet your soulmate, then guides your thinking and actions so that you can become the best of yourself thereby allowing you to attract your most suitable partner for a romantic relationship that is physically and emotionally deep; has the potential to last a very long time.

There are two worlds of change and influence here – the internal and external levels of our thinking, emotions and minds in general –

If anything else, our lives must not just shift and change…

But everything has to become better, and we know that this is true – because it all just needs to make sense long term, and that has to be a thing because –

…it just has to happen, and we have to become far stronger, smarter and better people in the process of attracting in the one – and that won’t easily happen if we resist life as it grows and morphs in a positive way…

And this is roughly how we have to push and shift our lives into a very different higher gear – as we explore our deepest desires and ways, but only and strictly –

But not at all – as it relates to attracting in our soulmates…and that just leads to everything getting a lot better over time…

Which isn’t a light or heavy thing at all, but what just needs to happen in order for everything to come about through a positive recounting and rebound of events in our lives and life cycles.

Because if we don’t want to desire and enact deep and focused change –

Then everything else will flop and bend out of shape, and that isn’t a very good and sought after thing, nor goal – for anyone to pursue…

And that is why we need to spirits to guide everything into place –

which is obviously, and clearly…enough said, and that’s not remotely all there is –

Because I’m bored and lonely and damn this all to hell and back…

We all just need to push a little harder without twisting and forcing stuff to change for – whatever the reason might be. And that goes for our lives – but I mean that purposefully and just –

…please god just change, so that they can finally enter our lives – because this is already far too ridiculous at this stage.


Attract in your soulmate using the fallen angels:

Using the demons:

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Pushing the mental and proverbial envelope so that we can fully assimilate –

Doesn’t mean that our wills and emotions get all tossed around.

Because it’s just common knowledge now that our minds and…all the rest of what it means to be us in general – just have to be completely connected to reality in general, without too much more headache about what we can and cannot perceive in this life –

It’s going to get very eerily hectic in a very short amount of time –
because holy hell, and damn – we just need more extra sensory power, and intuition thrust in order to get all the worlds back on track.

And if that means seek out some very particularly powerful spirits to help us…

I don’t know what else to say, because here some of them are –

Eros – Aids the development of extra sensory abilities such that we have greater intuition, enhanced ability to see the future, and better insight into present situations.

Lelahel (fallen angel) – Enables you to feel into any situation and generally know what’s going on in a much deeper and more accurate way; also guides you to be far more in tune with your own life, and grants far sharper and greater intuition as it relates to gaining the things that you need, desire and want in general.

These might be a lot of spirits, but don’t let the simplicity fool you –
It’s not that these particular gods and…

We’re not here to judge whether one particular spirit can help you in a certain way – because it’s far deeper than that.

And obviously we just want better lives as a whole –

But sometimes we just need to take a huge and deep step back from everything and realize, only too accurately and surely…

That our worlds, lives and certain mental devices that we use to interpret what’s really going on –

It can just suck to know and understand what’s really happening, but once you get past the emotional and mental turbulence of realizing that it’s just the devil trying and greatly attempting to mess you up…

You then realize how deeply crazy and weirded out everything gets when you actually understand your worlds and realities better.

This is about fully and totally – though abstractly reading into what’s really going on, and nothing about this experience is negative whatsoever –

So we just need to chin up, and get that it’s all going to get a lot better, with possibly a few more drastic and not so intimidating intuitive nudges along the way.


Develop your psychic abilities using the Greek spirits:

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