Nothing about this life should be so hurtful and lacking than not have enough money to pay for what you need.

Even for situations of severe lack and almost poverty, people just need to take a step back and re-evaluate if their lives are truly that bad because having money and thinking you don’t have money are two very different things.

The spirits – and in this case, the djinn – can guide us into knowing our money and life situations truthfully so that we can move forward without any regret or lingering sorrow from the past.

This can mean a small revolution in your finances and life in general, because our worlds tend to be very dark and narrow feeling when we don’t have a lot of cash flow – or even actual money on hand, and it’s the same bad and negative feeling if it’s all a lie but we think we don’t have money.

It’s similar to the person who’s never really ill, but tends to think they are, and that can be both incredibly frustrating and irksome to those around them, and we tend to avoid people who always act like their lives are darkly negative – because we don’t have that to rub off onto us.

The djinn can help us actually and truly live a more abundant life, and that can be done starting with one who can help us with mindset first, then manifesting greater cash flow right after…

Mudhib – Guides your beliefs and thinking to be truly abundant, so that you can truthfully and accurately reflect on your situation, then bring everything into a much stronger and more plentiful level of cash flow, savings and general positivity with your money.

Once mudhib is working in your life to shift your mind and beliefs about money, you will never be the same, because that means changing your life into a very positive and better situation so that money isn’t a massive worry anymore.

That can be a startling realization as well to realize that our minds can change our entire realities – because there are too may people who think they aren’t well of, or even poor, and it is entirely in their minds that they don’t have money.

And that needs to change – but only in a very gradual and smooth transition that doesn’t unhinge their entire situation and lives in general.

We also need to understand that some of that fear and guilt stems from the past, and that we have to understand and encourage ourselves to embrace the present and future a bit more – even if our pasts are full of money and financial mistakes that tends to bring us down and make us think that our lives are somehow generally just bad or really crap in ways that aren’t even really true.

That’s where our last spirit steps in and guides us into far deeper and more suitable territory where our past problems shift out of our minds and lives almost in an instant…

Al Ahmar – Shifts and changes your mind is that your past financial problems and mistakes don’t plague your current situation, then guides you to understand how to make your present money life and future far better through a gradual but drastic increase in abundance and eventually cash flow.

These aren’t insignificant spirit powers here, and that’s how you know all of this stuff is very incredibly effective and powerful – because even just these two spirits working on your money life can give you significant and massive changes, even just to your mind and how you think about money in general – and that can cause drastic changes to your physical money world and life very fast.

Nothing about this experience has to be so awkward or weird, and we all have to take a moment to reflect on our financial situations to ensure that we aren’t doing anything that’s too outlandish or weird – then doubly reflect and realize that the djinn can help us anyway, because all of that are still limiting and lowly subconscious beliefs we have about our finances and money life.

Everything about this situation and our money lives can change as long as you have the spirits – in this case the djinn, guiding you and helping you – and life won’t feel so rotten and weird concerning your financial life.

There isn’t much left to say on this topic, except for the fact that we don’t need to bring ourselves to any weird events, or talk to wannabe personal development gurus and experts in order to know that we might have to fix the past – or else just see that our finances are a little different than we previously imagined –

And it’s not a laughing matter to know that we can shift everything pretty quickly as long as you have spirits like the djinn working with you to make everything a lot better in general.


Boost your life using the Djinn:

Need some direction with your money life?


We want our lives to be far stronger, more resilient – and that tends to also include our finances and how much money we’re taking in on a continuous basis.

When you have a whole team of spirits working on your side, you will know and understand how life can get – because everything will just flow easier and smoother.

Nothing will be too out of place and the world will somehow just make sense, even if nothing has ever really made sense within your reality.

Our first spirit can guide your finances into a less confusing and frustrating situation, so that everything just comes together on a routine basis, without much if any issues or lingering problems…

Aniel – Removes your financial frustrations and guides you to resolve any lingering issues you might have with your money life and any negative habits or beliefs you have toward your personal abundance in general.

Removing those old and ragged, and technically incredibly useless habits can be very nastily penetrating and deep – especially when you are attempting to push and grow into the best version of yourself possible.

Everything in your life will shift into a higher energy gear, and that’s when you feel other things in your life start to work out – almost unexpectedly.

But if you want a clearer mental picture of where your personal and money lives are going, you might need a little adjustment and boost into the right direction – and that’s what our next spirit covers…

Boreas (Greek spirit) – Opens your mind and thinking to being more aligned with a much wiser and intelligent money life, causing your financial future to look and feel a lot stronger and brighter almost immediately.

These aren’t small powers, and no one wants to live any period of time with constantly nagging money problems and just no idea or way to feel into the future so they can avoid future traps and challenges.

But that’s what these spirits can guide us into feeling into and understanding so that we don’t encounter the same or similar problems constantly going into the future – and that isn’t what anyone really thinks about as they move on with their lives, but also not wanting to attract any negative situations.

With the right foresight and guidance, everything can be made better, and no one is willing to shift a horrendously impossible situation…except that most don’t see any nearly any situation or predicament can be changed and resolved over time, as long as you have the right guidance along the way – and that’s what our next spirit provides…

Ose – Brings you to think very wisely and clearly about your current and past situations, so that any problems or lingering issues are resolved; also guides your money life to be more prosperous so that you have more money saved and in hand, and you don’t have any worries concerning your money flow going into the future.

This last spirit can guide you into understanding your life path as it relates to your money life, and that can be a seriously awakening for most people as we shift and dive into a very empowered and high charged up – awake life, where we finally know who we are and aren’t afraid to work for what we truly desire.

Though it can be frustrating to not know how things might play out, as long as you have spirit guidance with a very strong vision and focus on the future – there is very little that can happen that can seriously derail your finances and life in general.

One final spirit can help guide us into the next level, and brings it all together for us in a very unique way that you likely won’t ever expected…

Wind Elemental – Shifts your world view and old beliefs so that all the negativity and impoverished thoughts are dissolves away, and you are given a very deep period to reflect on your life purpose so that you are guided far closer to your personal and true path; everything shifts so that your life purpose and career and income can become aligned and likely one and the same thing over time.

Nothing about this process is small or insignificant, though we might often wish that life was a little less intense and severe at times – these spirits will guide you through any potential discomfort and turmoil so that everything just turns out well.

We can’t move forward without resolving and repairing whatever damage is there, but that is not a difficult process whatsoever with the spirits guiding us and helping us in all ways that are needed –

So we just need to move forward and push through all of those illusions of challenges with the spirits at our side, and we will realize how much better everything gets when it all comes together – easier, better and stronger, without any deep hindrance and challenges to hold us back…

And we are made that much wiser and better off because we elected to choose the wiser path guiding us into a more successful and abundant life, as guided by the spirits – where even a small bit of their help can go a long way, and that is no joke or lie because we can feel that help and guidance charge our lives up and help us avoid the really nasty incidents as we push further and more towards achieving our goals over time.


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