When life gets rough and hectic we want to know that we have setup a stable and solid foundation for the future.

We want to know that what we have worked on all up to this point has paid off and it’s not out of the question that we might have to work on some parts of our lives in order to be truly satisfied with where we’re at in life.

This is about being successful and embracing success in all ways that matter so that you can feel good and comfortable about your life.

Using the Egyptian spirits can be very empowering for this because of the way they target our growth and evolution – they want to see us become the best of ourselves over time, and that means changing around life so that we are truly abundant in all parts of our life.

Several spirits can help us here…

Isis – Develops the weakest parts of our life and reveals our hidden strengths to us so that we aren’t clueless about who we are and what we are able to accomplish; also guides us to align with our true financial and personal spiritual paths in a way that brings us long term happiness.

Even if you think you know who you are, having the spirits reveal the best of you to yourself can be a very interesting moment in your.

You might realize that your career and life in general isn’t so aligned with who you are, and none of that can be allowed going forward – because the spirits want you to be completely fulfilled, and that can’t happen if you are off track.

The next level to this is ensuring that you are maximized in your skills and talents so that you are seen as valuable to others in a very obvious way.

This enables you to stay relevant and employed even during rough periods of the economy, and that isn’t a trivial or small thing at all.

One spirit can guide you along with this…

Khepri – Guides you to upgrade and enhance your skills and talents so that you are always seen as valuable and necessary in your employment and work; brings you to see how crucial it can be to develop yourself and your skills over time so that you are not outclassed by other workers.

When it comes to developing ourselves and our talents long term, it always pays to stay ahead of the current demand – and if you stay relevant long term, you never have to worry about losing out on better pay or other opportunities only given to the most skilled in your industry.

That’s where you become and stay different; we have to push and grow in the most relevant and practical ways possible, and it won’t matter that we had to change in very drastic and significant ways to get there.

When you have very wise and powerful spirits guiding you, nothing can hold you back – but when you have our next Egyptian working next to you, life won’t ever overwhelm you or make you feel as if you can’t handle things…

Sobek – Removes emotional duress and tension from your life so that you can focus and think clearly about everything you need, with great awareness and long term vision about what you need to do and where you aim to bring yourself moving forward.

This tends to be a very over looked power when working in general, but the ability to have mental clarity and emotional balance is very important.

People don’t tend to notice that until they’re far too emotional to think, and their hearts feel to heavy to heal – and that’s not the best place to be.

That’s why the spirits, and in this case – the Egyptian spirits, are very helpful and are completely needed, because their guidance is very useful and we can’t easily do all of this without having them with us.

It’s not that big of a deal to have a few spirits guide you forward, but it also isn’t a good idea to go through all of this alone without any help, because at this point it would just be foolish.

Once you realized how beneficial it can be to have spirit help in this life, you likely won’t turn away from their guidance at any point during your journey.


Enhancing your life success with the Egyptian spirits:


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One of the most frustrating situations is to have unexpected expenses pop up when you have low or no cash spare to take care of things.

That’s when life can feel like it’s falling apart and you just don’t get how everything is so bad – it just feels like you can’t take care of what you need to, and that can be one of the most horrible feelings in the world.

We won’t dwell on the negative here – I just offer a remedy that most people just don’t consider very often, and it can lead to a massive positive change in your financial life.

This is not about trying to follow the advice of others when they were low on cash – this is guidance perfectly suited to your situation in such a way that you cannot lose – and we know sometimes that advice and guidance from others often cannot be applied to our lives.

Others might not see that though – they might take advice from people they think are smart and wise and accidentally mess up their own lives in the process.

It happens and we need to learn from those mistakes to help avoid those horrific situations that no one wants.

Even if you’re broke, the spirits can guide you forward in taking your situation from basically nothing to having cash in hand to take care of the things that you need – and that’s not something that should be ignored – ever.

We are venturing into territory of creating a masterpiece out of our money lives that few people, if ever, have really gone toward.

It is beyond reality sometimes how deeply we can work to make our budgets better – and several spirits can help us here…

Och (Olympic spirit) – Causes you to see the truth of your finances so that everything is made better through wiser and much more intelligent decision making; brings you to see and embrace stronger and wiser finances over time so that you always have cash in hand to take care of everything you need.

This is about taking our entire financial lives to the next level, and that means actually having money in our hands that we can use to do whatever we need – and having that be the situation for many months and years into the future.

We cannot compromise our money lives just because we want to tough out a rough situation – we have to keep collected and clear headed so that we know what to do even when life gets horrible and shit seriously goes down hill.

That’s not a thing most people can say they can do in ridiculously rough and stressful situations where no one is acting with a clear head and heated emotions – but we can have the spirits guide us to be clear headed and calm in the middle of financial chaos.

One very particular spirit can help with this…

Stolas – Brings you to see how you can develop your finances even when life is full of challenges and chaos; guides you to be emotionally and mentally clear, able to make the best decisions with your money possible so that you resolve any problems perfectly without any issues.

When your finances are chugging along at full speed, some problems are inevitable and just pop up on their own – and that’s just how life is – but we don’t need to react to them negatively, because that’s what causes more problems, and we know that.

At this stage in our little journey to more stable finances, we just need to gradually embrace stronger decisions with our money so that we are never broke or low on money ever again – and that’s how the spirits can guide us long term.

It’s not that we couldn’t do this journey alone – it’s that it’s far better when you have perfect guidance from the spirits, and we know that life only gets better when they’re on our side – and it’s a bit insane that more people don’t use them to help them alone, because it’s so easy to do and yet they’re a tool that no one thinks to reach for.

We just have to appreciate that the spirits are here to help us, and use that aid to enhance our lives for the better – and one last spirit can guide us into a much better financial situation for long term uses…

Nelachel (fallen angel) – Enables us to see exactly how to keep our money lives completely stable going forward in the strongest way possible; guides our finances to be nearly bullet proof from all negative situations that might pop up so that we are always ahead with our money lives at all times.

It’s nice to have some cash in hand, but it’s even better to know that your money situation will always be pretty strong – regardless of any life turbulence or unexpected challenges that might come up.

This is about us entering a new life of stable finances and gradual but very strong growth going forward – it is not about trying to avoid all problems with our money, which is technically not possible.

We’re just making it so that when problems do come up – we are more than able to take care of everything, and we’re doing it this way because we have to be realistic here.

Living a very practical but abundance life is not difficult at all – so as long as you have the proper resources to back up your challenging periods, you won’t even be low on cash or basically broke and unable to take care of basic necessities – which is a nightmare for most people.

When the spirits are guiding us along the way, it’s not about trying to outwit your problems – you just know how to deal with them better and suddenly that challenge just becomes a non-issue later because you know you have your life and finances on track fully ready to tackle anything that comes your way.


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