Twisting and shifting life into a much stronger and higher level should not be anything we get frustrated about.

You and I both know that our limits, boundaries and constraints are put together differently…

And you can think of it as a bad or negative thing if you want to –

But sometimes we just need to wake up in a very powerful and surreal series of moments that bring us to far deeper and not even passive…
…understanding of what this world means, and what we have to offer to all of humanity.

If we want to push and seriously dig deeper – that might mean becoming the best of ourselves over time, but starting as soon as possible –

Waiting too long means delaying good things, and I think we could all use some serendipity and almost miraculous situations in the mean time…
Two very powerful but curious spirits can help here –

Melahel (fallen angel) – Causes you to discover the perfect hidden money sources in your life that you could easily do on the side; enables you to make extra income from this source going forward.

Prometheus (Greek spirit) – Enables you to see the hidden long term income sources you have that you can use to create more money on a consistent basis; guides you to use develop these money sources into long term income over the coming months and years.

We have to also understand that luck and fortune are things that can be built up over time, but that our efforts and focus need to be aligned first before the worlds and nations become a real and tangible thing in general –

But overall we also need to embrace the fact that our lives and emotions…

And also our feelings and desires for the near and far future –

All hinge upon the fact that our lives are built upon severe neglect and misfortune, and though that might not be remotely true…we still have to fight to keep everything orderly and straight forward.

It’s not that we’re correct and right, and everything and one we dislike is hated and wrong –

But it is a fact and just life priority that we make the best out of what we have, and just avoid and set aside the crap that cannot be used or focused on to help unhinge and derail whatever we need to keep going…

Because it is wrong and very loose feeling to keep idle, and that’s when we know we have to move and strive for something far greater and deeper in general –

It just cannot be a thing that we keep silent and unmoving because we fear catastrophe might strike, and that’s something the spirits can indirectly and very not even passively…

Help us with, because we know we can do better and experience far deeper and stronger moments in general.

And that can happen, without too much headache and heartache –

To the point that we’re actually literally living honestly better lives as a whole…

In some cases others might say that our journeys might be a thing of magick –

But that’s obviously only if we have the mental power and persistence to make it all happen.

Add a tiny little bit of serendipity to the mix, and everything just gets slowly better overall –

And without too much hassle, so let’s just say that this new life path began with something far stronger and greater than we could have ever possibly…

We just need to get things going and start moving, because if the devil catches us trying to make our lives better –

Things might just stay remarkably the same as they have always been – this entire time.


Spice up life using the fallen angels:

Using Greek spirits:

Need something else?


Diving into the meat of who you truly are is not what everyone thinks –

And that is likely because we don’t often want to explore reality and our worlds that deeply…which can be a big problem.

I would like to think that the gods and spirits of this world can easily over shadow and trace only too deeply – the lines that make up our internal goodness…

…and even though I know we both want to be the best of ourselves going forward, I feel it is only right to seriously push into the next level and bring everything about who we are –

Just that much further into another realm and state of being of who we are and what we’re about.

A choice few spirits can help us here, but only if you allow them to guide you…

Charon (Greek spirit) – Causes you to embrace your skills and talents in a way that you are able to fully express them to others; enables you to be the best of yourself when you need others to see your work and what you can do.

Anuel (fallen angel) – Grants you the understanding of what you need to do to fully embrace and become proficient at expressing your work; you gain full knowledge of everything you need in a way that you can present it perfectly to others to your highest ability.

Once it becomes obviously apparent that the angels and other spirits can bring you to that highest level –

We just need to flip everything into reverse and dial into what really truly matters overall.

Sometimes that means to elevate and yield to temptation, but other times we have to really and honestly…

Just look at ourselves in a very blunt and honest way, such that our wants and desires are completely and fully brought to fruition – through our talents, of course –

And that still only points to us getting better in all the ways that completely and truly matter.

When you have finally chosen to focus on what really matters in your life, perhaps gaining a bit of spirit help and guidance along your journey and way might actually boost things up into a more favorable…
…just whatever you want your life and skills to be.


Shift into your highest self using Greek spirits:

Using the fallen angels:

Using the demons:

Need something else?

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